World’s Most Extreme Adventure Tours


While most people rush to their offices and workplaces to begin their routine workday, there are others who are different. These adventurers are aware of the numerous possibilities available around the world. As a result, they choose to go on tours that are filled with thrills and dangers, experiencing how it feels to be truly alive. Here are several of the world’s most extreme adventure destinations:

1) Amazon Jungle Trek

The Amazon is widely known for trekking and also for the number of exciting opportunities it holds within. More than just an adventure tour, you will also get thorough survival training. The Guyanese Rainforest has ample adventure opportunities for you to experience. As part of your adventure, you will confront bizarre tribes and encounter deadly creatures like anacondas, jaguars, and more.

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2) Skiing in Antarctica

Some people have skied on many hill stations, but Antarctica takes skiing to a whole new level. As you ski towards the South Pole, you will learn to instill the qualities of patience and focus on yourself. And camping in Antarctica brings a whole new series of challenges, not least of which is the extreme weather.

Speaking of numbing weather – the freezing winds will make the trip an experience of a lifetime, or torture, depending on how you feel when you get seriously cold. But, when you reach your destination, you will earn the accomplishment of being at the extreme bottom of the earth, which is also known as the 90th degree.


3) Mount Everest Exploratory Trek

Nothing can be as exciting and thrilling as climbing to the peak of the world’s highest mountain. To reach the peak of Mount Everest, you will have to cover a distance of 8,848 meters. There are many expeditions climbing Mount Everest that you can enroll in, so you should have no excuses in crossing this adventure off your list. To date, only 4000 people have ever climbed this mighty mountain, but no reason why you can’t get your name added to the list.


4) Dangerous diving in The Bahamas

You can take diving to its extreme limits in the blue holes of The Bahamas. These blue holes are actually flooded caves, which are now used by adventurers for diving. As you dive and pass through the caves fully submerged in water, you will get to see many ancient formations and fossils. There are many rock structures inside the caves that are thousands of years old. One small mistake can be fatal, but this is what adventure is all about.

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5) Bike Tour From Alaska to Argentina

A bike tour from Alaska to Argentina is about 32,000 kilometers long and crosses more than a dozen countries. The tour is very challenging and you should only go if you have experience with extreme bicycling. Covering this distance can easily take two years of your life. However, the landscapes of mighty mountains, dirt tracks surrounded with desert vegetation, beaches and hundreds of cities that you will get to bask in along the way are really worth the effort. (Read more about the Pan-American Highway and the Darien Gap.)

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6) Mont Blanc Circuit Super Marathon

If you love running, then the 100-mile super marathon covering France, Italy, and Switzerland can be the perfect adventure tour for you. However, there is more than mere running involved. You will also have to climb, make way through rough terrain, and descend through dangerous slopes. The breathtaking views of Mont Blanc and the mesmerizing landscapes along the way will keep you running and smiling.


7) Cross the Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert might be just a worthless sea of sand to some, but for adventure seekers, a trip to the Sahara desert can provide the experience of a lifetime. This adventure is also accompanied by an extreme adrenaline rush. To cross the mighty desert you will have to cover over 3000 miles. Additionally, you will face blinding sandstorms, a scorching sun, extreme thirst, and a lack of food. Depending upon the level you want to take the trip to, you can choose to travel by foot, a camel, or a vehicle.

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8) Canoeing Through the Bashkaus River

The 130-mile stretch of the Bashkaus river in Siberia provides an excellent opportunity for a canoeing trip. The river is spotted with jagged rocks and the water is very cold and agitated. While canoeing, you will experience a number of jolts and jerks, which will keep your heart pounding as well as entertained all throughout the journey.

These were some of the world’s most extreme tours that you can embark on. The degree of thrill, adventure, and danger varies depending on the trip you choose. It all depends on how much are you willing to put at stake to taste the fruit of joy.

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