About This Site

The AdvenTourist was born of a passion of both travel and adventure and to inspire others to combine the two around the globe.

All two often, we either don’t leave our armchairs and spend the weekend binging on Netflix. Or, when we do, we just consume the vanilla version of the world and the places we visit. We follow in the same footsteps of others and don’t discover anything new about ourselves or the places we visit!

I want to change that. So, each and every blog post, location, and adventure on this site is aimed at showing you how to make the most of your precious time on this planet!

Meet The Site Manager: Mike Jensen

Mike profile SkiingI am fond of saying, if it’s not outdoors, I ain’t doing it! I love to combine travel and outdoor adventures. Anything from deep powder skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking. To the more sedate but still adventurous camping and hiking and even fishing in remote locations around the world.

I have traveled to over 43 countries, but hey, who’s counting. It’s not the stamps in the passport that is important to me, but the adventures I have had along the way.


And The Site Owners: Anna & Roger

We help Mike run this baby in our spare time, when we can find any.

Between traveling, hiking, snow sports and running our own site, we barely have a moment to spare!

We don’t believe in visiting the run of the mill countries, and as soon as things open up again (after that nastry virus) we are heading to some crazy places.