Top 7 Reasons Why It Is Great to Live in Australia


Australia – the great Land Down Under. More and more people from all walks of life and nationalities are moving and staying in the country. What makes the land of Oz so attractive that people are packing their bags and migrating to the smallest continent in the world? And why do so many people have Australia on their bucket list?

Aside from the endless career opportunities, fantastic education system, affordable housing, and a booming economy, there is more to Australia than having a great future for you and your family. Aussies are considered to be one of the happiest people on earth, based on a study made by Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Australians have perfected the balance of work and fun, making them one of the least stressed people in the world.

Here are the top 7 reasons why it’s great to live in Australia:


Residents of Sydney pose on the steps to

Aussies are among the friendliest people on earth. If you lose your way on the road, asking for directions won’t ever be a problem – Aussies will surely help you. They have a no worries attitude to life, relaxed, laid back, welcoming, and accepting of all cultures and nationalities.


While the rest of the world experiences the cold breeze and snow in December, Australia is the perfect picture of sun and sand. Summer happens while the rest of the world is chilly, making the country a great holiday destination for many Westerners. The climate is warm and sunny for the most part of the year, with only a couple of areas receiving little snow during winter.

The Outback

The Great Outback is Australia’s pride – vast and rugged land, stunning views, dramatic rock formations, fantastic wildlife, majestic hills, deep scarlet sunsets, and fresh open air. You can hike, drive a 4-wheel drive, camp out, or stay in luxury resorts – discover the true beauty of nature with Australia’s beautiful backyard.

The Beaches & Reefs

beaches in australia

Having one of the longest coastlines in the world, Australia has over 10,000 beaches to love and explore. Pristine white and golden sand, crystal clear waters, and surf-worthy waves are just some of the reasons why Australian beaches are among the best in the world. Some people even love spending time just sitting on the beach and fishing in some of Australia’s best spots.

Of course, Australia also has the world’s largest reef with some of the best diving around. You can go diving or snorkeling almost anywhere along the coast from Bundaberg all the way up to Cairns.

Nature’s Gifts


Home to the Great Barrier Reef – Australia has quite a number of magnificent natural wonders that are to die for. Over 1,500 species of fish and 400 different types of corals can be seen in the Reef, and it’s the only living thing from earth visible from space. Several UNESCO World Heritage Sites can also be found in Australia, including the huge rock monolith Uluru, plus other natural wonders such as the Twelve Apostles, MacKenzie Falls, and many others.

Outdoor Lifestyle

Because of Australia’s great climate and vast open space, Australians enjoy outdoor activities like no other country. Dine and drink on the beach, have Sunday barbeques in the backyard, enjoy hiking and camping, and play outdoor sports. Aussies have a very active lifestyle, which adds to the laid-back and healthy lifestyle.

Aboriginal Culture

aboriginal art

Home to the oldest living civilization in the world, Australia takes pride in its Aboriginal culture. Witness a civilization that has existed for over 50,000 years. Explore and discover their nomadic lifestyle, their aboriginal technology, their rituals and ceremonies that are still being practiced today.

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