Swim at the Edge of the World’s Largest Waterfall: Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

There are those among us, that turned the world’s largest waterfall, also known as Victoria Falls, into a kiddie pool, presumably in their quest for a Darwin Award. Yes, that’s right, you can bath right on the edge of the Victoria Falls in what is called the Devil’s Pool, and generally survive to tell the tale.

You might even know one of the survivors, the famous Youtuber Casey Neistat, who went there a few years ago. You can see what it is really like in his video below:

The only question is: Do you want to risk your life?

Oh, and how risky is it actually?

People enjoying a bath in the Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

How Dangerous is The Devil’s Pool?

In general, it is relatively safe to go to the Devil’s Pool. However you should be aware of what all the risks are before you go. So, let’s get them all out of the way, one by one.

Can You Fall Over The Edge Of Victoria Falls?

There is quite a significant piece of rock lining the edge of the waterfall. So, unless you do something considerably stupid, there is not much chance of you going over the edge.

Having said that, it is still rock that you can slip on. So, don’t go walking or standing on it unless you want to increase your chances of dying!

How Hard Is It To Reach The Devil’s Pool?

If you look at the photo above, or even the drone views, you might be forgiven for thinking it’s just a hop skip and a jump to get to the pool. It’s not. You actually have to swim in the Zambezi River to get to the pool. That means swimming up and downstream for around 100m.

The alternative, if you have a good guide, is to have them walk you across the river.

Either way, it is not a pool of water that is just on the side of a path ready for you to pop into on a whim.

Are There Any Dangerous Animals In The Zambizi River?

As you might know, the Zambizi River and Victoria Falls are in the heart of Africa. So, it might come as no surprise that there are both hippopotamus and crocodiles in the river. Of course, the area you pass through to get to the Devil’s Pool is relatively shallow which is not a great spot for a croc or hippo to lounge (not to mention all the tourists).

However, it’s best to be informed of such things before wondering what is tugging at your leg from under the water!

Getting To The Victoria Falls & Devil’s Pool

To visit the Devi’s Pool, you need to go with any operator that offers trips to the Livingstone Island adjacent to it. The island is owned by the Tongabezi Luxury Lodge, and while you don’t have to book your stay with them (though trust us, you’d want to, after you see their accommodations), it is a good idea to go with their guides.

It is the job of the guide to tell you exactly where to jump, and even hold your ankles as you lie and hang your arms over the edge.

Check out this video to see exactly what you can expect on your adventure:

Best Time To Go To The Devil’s Pool

You should go during the summer, that’s Africa’s summer, when the water is at a safe low level. The season is from September to the end of January, with the water at it’s lowest around November and December. But, based on the rainfall that year, there may not be any falling water on the Zambian side at all!

Devil’s Pool Trip Cost

A typical tour that includes a boat ride, meal, and a swim in Devil’s Pool (about 2 hours all together), can cost you anywhere from $60 to $120 based on the time of day. Additionally you may have to pay a park entrance fee of about $20, which isn’t always included in the tour price. The leading operator offers 5 tours a day to the island/waterfall, with a maximum of 12 people per tour.

Insider Tips

  • Be ready to fight off mosquitoes in this malaria zone.
  • To spend more time in the Pool, hire a guide from Tongabezi to take you.
  • Consult your doctor at least 6 weeks before your trip regarding prophylactics for Malaria, Tetanus and Yellow Fever vaccines.
Learn More:

Both Tongabezi and the Royal Livingstone Hotel offer tours, so check them both out.

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