Sameranger Lake, Austria – Dive in the Flooded Meadow

flooded meadow Sameranger Lake Austria

Welcome to the Flooded Meadow at Tyrol, Austria – a place that exists presumably, just so you can finally take advantage of that impulse-buy underwater camera of yours.

Normally a park for the locals, this area is transformed annually into an amazing scuba diving destination. Every spring the ice from the surrounding mountains melts, flooding the meadow with crystal clear water 1 – 10 meters deep. Deepest in the spring and early summer, and drying out almost completely for the winter months. This means you can find some rather odd things at the bottom of the lake such as grass, or fallen logs. And even a park bench as you can see in the image below!

There is even a cross at the deepest end of the lake. It is a memorial to a diver that lost their life there.

The memorial reads:

“Reminding us of our shared diving experiences. Reiner Thiele, born xx.xx.1940, died xx.xx.1971, SV-Tauchsportgruppe”.

flooded meadow Sameranger Lake Austria 3

Where Is Samerangersee Lake?

Sameranger Lake is located in Austria near the town of Fernpass.

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