4 of London’s Most Unusual Hotels

London is a quirky place to stay, a hot-bed for would-be megastars, models and musicians from around the globe. Accommodating for these varied trendsetters is no mean feat, especially when it comes to a place to stay. However, some establishments can go a little bit ‘over-the-top’.

One big thing to consider when heading to London though is which neighborhood to stay in. It can make a big difference in terms of distance to attractions, places to eat at night and just your general enjoyment of the visit.

Having said all that, here is a selection of the most unusual hotels you can find in London today.

Pick a Theme at The Pavillion Hotel

The Pavillion is a mishmash hotel of sorts, with rooms ranging from an underwater-themed one-bed to a ‘Green with Envy’ double room. Popular with celebrities around the world, this hotel is often used for photoshoots and filming, yet it can be seen as somewhat of an acquired taste. One fashion faux-pas includes the ‘Highland Fling’ room, which could be lifted straight from a horror movie.

Freshly-brewed haggis served daily

Another interesting choice has to be the ‘Casablanca Nights’ room, which is a tribute to the 1942 film classic, fitted with bronze corner sink, red fabric, Moorish floral tiles, silks and unusual furniture fittings. Yet another interesting way to transport yourself to Morocco, in the heart in Central London.

For the harem that travels together
Stay in a Yotel

Based on the hotel pod craze popular in Japan, the Heathrow based Yotel allows guests to stay in ‘capsules’ by the hour to catch a few z’s before their flights. The venture, which can be found in the UK and New York, was founded by YoSushi! founder Simon Woodroffe, and aims to revolutionise the way travelers use hotels at major airports.

yessss…no need to talk to another human being

Small, yet well formed, each yotel has a bed, small television set and WiFi, making it ideal for shortstops. With prices around £25 for a 4-hour stay, these mini hotel rooms are likely to prove popular for those needing a quick rest or anyone with not enough self-esteem to book a full-sized hotel room.

Purple lighting: makeup for hotels
A One-Bedroom Boat Hotel

Dubbed as one of the most popular one-bedroom hotels in London, this architectural competition winner ‘A Room for London’, sits on Queen Elizabeth Hall overlooking the River Thames. Its nautical theme was inspired by the river-boat from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

Stranded in the middle of everywhere

Already fully booked for the remainder of 2012, the temporary installation created by David Kohn Architects in collaboration with Fiona Banner is a great place to watch the world go by, or to dress up like a pirate and yell “ahoy matey” as you cast a net on unsuspecting passersby below. Panoramic views look over from Big Ben to St Paul’s Cathedral, with a great view of other London Landmarks.

Get locked up at Clink78

Converted from an old courthouse, Clink78 in West London is a weird place to spend the night. This hostel features self-catering kitchens, big social spaces, as well as 2 courtrooms and 7 prison cells.

Thankfully internet addiction is not a crime

Spending the night in a prison cell isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but if you’re the kind who’s always been curious but never had the courage to commit a horrible and atrocious crime, this will be your chance to do so. Staying in your own cell will set you back about £50. If you don’t mind listening to the snoring of 12-15 other inebriated guests, consider checking out a bed in the basic dorm-room style suites, which run at about £9 per night.

This is what Care Bears prison must’ve looked like

Whilst London has some of the world’s most unusual hotel rooms, some prefer to experience London as the locals do. Find out more about staying in a genuine Londoner’s apartment, by visiting onefinestay.com. Onefinestay allows you to live in someone else’s home whilst they are out of town, with all the amenities of a five-star hotel.

This article was written by Scott Wood, who works for luxury rentals business onefinestay. You can read more of his articles on the onefinestay blog at http://blog.onefinestay.com/.

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  1. Wow! I have to try one of these next time I go to Europe. Maybe not the prison cell one though… haha. Great post!

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