Awkward on Three: 20 Awkward Vacation Photos

There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that you were a modern-day Adonis in that newly-bought Speedo; after all, you did put in over 40 minutes at the gym last month.

Everything seemed to be going your way: the sun perfectly glistened off your chest, the wind delicately flowed through your luscious mane, and the gentle sea breeze invigorated you with a sense of self-confidence that you haven’t yet felt in your adult years.

The opportunity to immortalize your free-wheeling vacation persona in one epic vacation photo couldn’t be more perfect.

But as you hear the words “cheese on three” uttered by a camera-wielding relative, you feel a strange, cool sensation below the belt.

“One”; you reach down with your fingers, only to come across flesh where the synthetic fibers of your Mighty Python Speedos should be.

“Two”; Your eyes widen, your heart begins to beat faster.

“Three”; your face contorts into a Picasso-esque pose as your arms frantically scramble to protect the identity of your gates of future generations.

It’s all over. The click of the camera comes and goes, capturing your moment of vulnerability permanently. And for this, the internet thanks you.

But know that you are not alone. Here’s our slideshow of the most awkward vacation photos from around the web:

In all fairness, they were asking him for directions.


The air that day was titillating.

How would YOU feel staring straight at a giant, gray derriere all day?

The excitement that day was palpable.


“I wish I’d’a listen me moda and went into selling weed instead.”

All of a sudden, the young, impressionable lady tortoise started to think that getting it on while paying tourists watched wasn’t such a glamorous life after all.

Okay, fellas, cross your hands. Ladies, just hold them awkwardly by your sides.


Other beachgoers were too intimidated by Jeff’s smoking hot bod’ to sit down within 15 metres.

James Bond: The Early Years


The photo that inspired Brokeback Mountain.


Bill and Agnus on their country-wide tour of American freeway systems.


Where have we seen this before?


That sarcophagus takes at least 15 pounds off.


You got top stand up against “Big Animation”.

Parenting, to be ironic.

Why it’s generally not a good idea to wear your daughter’s clothes.

The last photo ever taken of the Smith’s before they ran away to join a California denim cult.


Some girls just have it all.


This is why I shake hands with my daughter at all times—even before bedtime.


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