See Sydney’s “Big 3” Historical Attractions [12 pics]

Sydney is one of Australia’s most stunning capital cities and boasts both beautiful scenery and fascinating attractions. It has played an important part in the shaping of the country, and as such is steeped in rich cultural heritage that is simply a joy to explore.

Most people come here for the harbor itself or just the harbor bridge. But in doing so, they often miss the hidden gems in the streets of downtown Sydney. There are dozens of heritage buildings that date from the 1800s and are definitely worth checking out if you have time.

Here are 3 famous historical attractions in Sydney that should definitely feature on your itinerary.

Queen Victoria Building


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The Queen Victoria Building is a  breathtaking building that was constructed in 1890 and occupies an entire block of the iconic George Street within the heart of the city itself. Painstakingly restored in the 1980s, the intricately beautiful Queen Victoria Building is now home to over 180 of Sydney’s premier fashion boutiques, exquisite jewelers, high-end homewares, and a delicious offering of cafés and restaurants. It is a definite must-see attraction, particularly at Christmas time when the iconic dome comes to life with amazing decorations and a giant tree that is truly delightful to behold.

The Queen Victoria Building is a seamless blend of prestige and elegance, and everything from the stunning stained glass windows to the original 19th Century staircase all make this a must-see when visiting Sydney.




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State Library of New South Wales


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The State Library is another beautiful historical building that offers more than just impressive architecture, it is also an important cultural institution. In addition to a world-class collection of general reading, the store onsite is Sydney’s premier Australiana bookshop.

After marveling at the intricate architecture of the Shakespeare Room and the Mitchell Library Reading Room, you can sit back and relax at Café Trim with some fine food and free wireless access. A day at the library is the perfect way to unwind and soak up Sydney’s history all at the same time.


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Sydney Opera House


The unmistakable image of the Sydney Opera House is one that is recognized the world over as being a unique icon of Australian culture and identity. This famous historical attraction continues to play an important role in cementing Sydney’s prominence on the global stage for the arts. Tourists from all around the world come to the harbor to have their picture taken in front of this unmistakable structure, yet it offers so much more than just a distinctive landmark.

To truly get a feel for the cultural significance of the Sydney Opera House, take a guided tour to get a unique behind-the-scenes glimpse into one of Australia’s most widely recognized cultural venues.

Sydney Lights - Australia


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