Unusual Travel Tours For The Intrepid Adventurer

All across the globe guided tours are pretty consistent – ghost tours, historical site tours, “this is where so and so died…” tours etc. There will be some amongst that love those kinds of experiences, but there are others amongst us who are budding explorers, desperate to see something new. If you’re one of those explorers, here is a guide to some of the most unusual tours that the world has to offer – guaranteed to give you that new experience you so desperately crave:

Ununusal Tours In Mexico

1. Day of the Dead– Mexico City, Mexico

Day of the dead Mexico

You may have heard of the infamous Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) in Mexico. It’s a time where locals celebrate and remember their dead, specifically from the 31st October through 2nd November every year. There are various events and celebrations thoughout the country, as well as many alters, including a lot of Day of the Dead altars you can see while there.

Taking part as a foreigner can be a little daunting at first, especially if you are traveling to Mexico during a pandemic! Especially since it is a subject many of us in the West do not really like to talk about. So, if you are a first-timer to Mexico and to the Day of the Dead, then perhaps a tour is the best way to experience it. There is one held in Mexico City which also includes a tour of the canals of Xochimilco. You have to decide if it’s something you want to partake in or not!

2. CAMINATA NOCTURNA – El Alberto, Mexico


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If someone was to tell you that ‘caminata nocturna’ translates into English as ‘night walk’, you would probably think it was a typical midnight hike in scenic surroundings. If someone was to then carry on and tell you that the caminata nocturna tour is an ‘illegal immigrant experience’, it suddenly becomes more interesting. The inhabitants of the Mexican town of El Alberto have turned the scary experience of crossing the Mexico border, without being caught, into a tourist attraction. For $20 (£13 approx.) guests are dropped off by trucks into the centre of the Mexican wilderness, before making a dash towards the border. Gun-wielding border agents, played by actors, remain close behind through their 4-hour trek as balaclava-wearing tour guides command ‘immigrants’ to run or duck as required. On their journey, the ‘immigrants’ are also required to dodge barbed wire and plant life, giving a truly authentic immigrant experience.


Most people have never heard of Palau or had the chance to swim with jelly fish, so this is a chance to fix both those things in one foul swoop. Palau is a Micronesian archipelago located east of the Philippines and north of Australia and Papua New Guinea, just for reference.

If you know anything about jelly fish, from some time in Australia’s north or other jelly fish visiting locations around the world, it is hard to imagine voluntarily swimming with them. But that is exactly what you can do in the Jelly Fish lake in Palau.  The golden orb jelly fish that have lived and evolved there over thousands of years are free from the usual stingers such creatures have. So, it is entirely safe and easy to swim with them.

Why not immerse yourself in a lake filled with jelly fish for the adventure of a lifetime?

4. TRIKE TOURS – Various locations, Scotland


Trike tours are quite literally what they say on the tin. You and a friend, relative or special someone perch yourselves onto the back of a motorcycle-trike, whilst the driver takes you on a whistle-stop tour of some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenes. The open-air tours are available all across Scotland, from city tours of Edinburgh to tours of Peebles and various Lochs. Trike tours are the closest you will get to Scotland’s incredible settings without actually walking around them. With prices starting at £70, this is the ideal tour for motorcycle enthusiasts.


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Paris is usually regarded the most romantic city in the world, described as a fairytale setting of classic architecture and Parisian chic; but have you ever wondered what is below its picturesque streets? Well now you can find out, by heading into underground Paris in the Musée des Égouts de Paris. Translated, the tour’s name is the Museum of the Sewers of Paris and yes, the tour is based in them. Around 500 metres of French sewage network are open to the public, and host a variety of exhibition areas that show the process of water supply, purification, and evacuation, alongside examples of machines that are used in the sewers. It is definitely a unique way to explore the city, but it is recommended that you bring a nose peg if you choose to go on it.

6. DRACULA TOUR Bucharest, Romania

Whether you’re a believer or sceptic of the Dracula myth, this Romanian tour will bring you face to face with the variety of evidence that contributed to the story of Dracula. Starting out in Bucharest, the five-day tour passes through Curtea de Arges; the Transylvanian cities of Sibiu and Sighisoara; Bran; Brasov; and Sinaia. On the way you’ll visit various fortresses, churches and the Bran Castle (also known as Dracula Castle), allowing you to make your mind up on the myth of history’s most written about character.

7. EDIBLE WEEDS TOUR – Melbourne, Australia

edible weed walk

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Stinging nettle soup probably sounds like something a witch would cook up in a kids’ story book, but this meal is actually extremely tasty and healthy. Not only that, but the ingredients can be thrifted from the forest or the roadside. The Edible Weed Walk shows guests what ‘pests’ can be used to create tasty treats, such as a dandelion smoothie of which guests are offered a taste at the beginning of the tour. The two-hour walk runs alongside Merri Creek, Melbourne, and involves talks on all manner of garden nuisance-based recipes.

Nicola works with World Walks who offer walking tours of Dracula’s lair and the Carpathian Mountains. She is a keen travel writer whose favourite destinations include Corfu, Malta and Scotland.

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