6 Must Visit Attractions in Leeds

Leeds is known as the best English city to visit outside London. The weather here is a blend of warm, sunny, overcast and drizzly. But the overall weather in Leeds is pleasant. The best time to visit the city would be from May to September.

Leeds is a vibrant city. It is home to some world-class events, excellent music, glorious nightlife, shopping destinations, and leading 20th century art. Rich in culture and heritage, Leeds offers its visitors a host of tourist attractions like the Royal Armouries, Harewood house, and the galleries and museum. Here are a few must visit destinations for you, on your next visit to Leeds.

Harewood House


One of the most popular attractions in Yorkshire, Harewood House is ideal for visitors across all tastes and ages. The main house is one of the nine treasure houses of England. Harewood House features beautiful interiors adorned by paintings and exclusive furniture, and surrounded by a stunning landscape proving a mesmerizing view.

Millennium Square


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Millennium Square will delight you with a variety of restaurants. A lot of pubs and drinking houses are also situated here at Millennium Square. It is situated at the doorstep of the Leeds City Museum which would be an ideal visit for kids as well as adults.

Leeds Town Hall


Leeds Town Hall hosts a number of events throughout the year including concerts, fairs, musical shows and the Leeds film festival. Leeds city art gallery is situated very close to it. It houses some of the best 20th century British art collections.

Tropical Garden and Roundhay Park


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Roundhay Park is one of the biggest city parks in Europe. Tropical World is situated inside the Roundhay Park and is a perfect picnic spot for your entire family. The place is quirky yet educational and will let you have fun with kids as well as family members.

Leeds Waterfront


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The Leeds waterfront is split in three main areas – Brewer Wharf, Granary Wharf, and Clarence Dock. A number of bars, restaurants, markets, and local markets can be found here while you walk along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The Royal Armouries


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The Royal Armouries is located in one of the most attractive areas in Leeds. You can find an impressive collection of items from the royal armoury which includes weapons and arms from the medieval era.

Leeds is a perfect destination for travelling and quickly connects to London through a 40 minutes flight. It is just two hours away by train from Leeds. Major cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin take less than an hour by plane.

Since it situated more towards the north, the climate here is cooler as compared to the south. Winters get cold here while summers are bearable. Variations in the weather might occur. Therefore, it is suggested that you go through the long range weather forecast whenever you plan to visit the city to get a fair idea of the climate.

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