Working Your Way Up The Adventure Scale

Do you find yourself admiring the extravagant and spontaneous lives of your adventurous friends? Do you wish your bookish characteristics could stop holding you back from experiencing the thrill of reaching new heights, both physically and metaphorically speaking? In an effort to not sound like a pharmaceutical commercial, I’m going to stop right there. Instead, I want to appeal to the adventure-seeking, thrill-loving kid in all of us that’s too shy to come out but has been looking for the right opportunities to present themselves.

Unfortunately, there will probably never be an adventure activity that will allow us to remain within our comfort zones. However, I have compiled a five step program (to be taken with a grain of salt, of course) that should hopefully propel you from one minor thrill to the following slightly larger thrill. And before you know it, you will be screaming your head off as you fall through the air at speeds over 100mph. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

1. Haunted House

Let’s start with something easy, something that keeps your feet on the ground and your clothes wet…unless you get a little too scared. Haunted houses are a great way to get your blood boiling and adrenaline pumping…and to see how you handle such situations. If you come out of there with only minor tremors and a scratchy throat, you might be ready for the next adventure. If you’re a little less than put together, maybe another haunted house or two will do you good.

2. Mountain Biking

Many people consider mountain biking as more of an activity for the physically fit and biking enthusiasts. However, more people should really branch out because the fast and narrow roads with endless objects and situations are about as thrilling as anything on dry land that doesn’t involve an engine. And while I can’t say you won’t come away with a scratch or two, this experience will at least give you a taste of the pressure other adventurous activities could bring.

3. Whitewater Rafting

Time to get off stable ground and conquer those roaring rivers. It’s a different feeling entirely when you can’t just step outside of a haunted house or get off your mountain bike. Whitewater rafting locks you in for possibly hours, giving you ample time to come to terms with the interesting sensation of being on a rocking, rolling, twisting, thrusting, and bouncing raft…all of which you and a few friends have to control. Now, nobody is telling you to sign up for a Class 4 whitewater rafting trip, after all, we are easing our way up the scale. However, a slow introduction to a new element might be just what you need to prepare yourself for launch time.

4. Bungee Jumping

And just what is launch time? Well, we are almost there! Now that you’ve conquered dry land and water, naturally, the air is next. Bungee jumping has been a favorite pastime at gorges, bridges, and canyons alike, allowing people to “freefall” with an added bit of protection. Seems like the kind of safe bet our bookish types are looking for. Think of the jump as your introduction to flying and concentrate on how your body feels as it soars through the air. Think you’re ready for the next big thing?

5. Skydiving

And here we are: launch time and the next big thing. They will strap you in, put you on a plane, and jump out of it with you. If all of your previous adventure training fails you now, or you’ve decided to take the leap and go straight towards the top, if anything, you’ll have somebody right there with you. And by the time you land, you will have several exciting stories to tell and the adventure-seeking personality of the next thrill junkie.

Now, I can’t say this is a foolproof plan, and everybody has to ease into adventure in their own way. However, some us need a little training and preparation to get out from those desks and strap ourselves into a parachute. And what is next, you ask? The next big thrill is up to you!

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  1. I’m not sure what you could possibly do more daring then that last picture! Maybe the great white thing? Made me shudder, not a big fan of heights!

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