The Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine (A Natural Wonder)

Close to the town of Klevan in Ukraine there is a naturally formed tunnel that goes straight through a continuous series of trees. The tunnel grew naturally around the path of a work train that made daily runs to a nearby factory.

When the flora is in full bloom the tunnel is simply breathtaking, and romantic locals started calling it The Tunnel of Love. It is also quite stunning to see the tunnel in the white of winter, or during the fall when the colors are also amazing.

Folklore has it that the wishes made by lovers in the Tunnel of Love will come true if they are sincere in their love. And they probably all come true, because questioning the sincerity of the lovers that made their wish on the path of a multi-ton locomotive just seems inappropriate.

How Long Is The Tunnel Of Love?

It is hard to put an exact figure on it, but locals have said that the tunnel is at least 1.8 miles long, which is 3km. But given that it is a natural tunnel, it can change over time.

Where Is The Tunnel Of Love in the Ukraine?

The Tunnel of Love is located on the outskirts of the town of Klevan where the forest starts. It is right next to the appropriately named Tunnel of Love Hotel, so is easy to find.

How To Get To The Tunnel Of Love from Kiev?

The Tunnel of Love is 2km from the train station in Klevan. So, one option is to catch a train here and then walk or take a taxi the rest of the way. There are two options for the train: an overnight train here that leaves at 11pm and arrives around 6am the next day. Or, a day time train that goes to nearby Novostav, which is around 4km from Klevan.

Buses travel this route from Kiev as well, leaving four times a day, but it takes over 10 hours, so is not the ideal way to get here given that it is a far shorter direct drive.

For those wishing to drive, it is just around 4.5 hours from Kiev.

Alternative via Rivne

Another popular option is to head to Rivne instead. It is around 23km or 30 minutes drive from Klevan, and has far more transport connections.

You can catch buses heading to Lviv and get off here. It takes around 6 hours.

Overnight trains and one other daily train also come here if you prefer trains to buses, which I certainly do.

What Does It Look Like Inside The Tunnel of Love?

The following video and images will give you an idea of how beautiful this tunnel really is in all different seasons.



Kleven Tunnel Of Love

Kleven Tunnel Of Love 2

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  1. Local legend has it that couples who visit the tunnel will be granted a wish, provided their intentions are sincere.

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