Best European Cities to Dance Tango

It takes two to tango. But it only takes one dance session to make you realize that true tango is based on walking, and that is something everyone can do, right? Perhaps that’s what happened to you, and now you’re wondering what are the best cities in the world to dance tango?

Naturally, you will have the most authentic tango experience in Buenos Aires. But if you’re from Europe, and not in a position where you can just jet off to Argentina whenever you feel like dancing, don’t worry. There’s plenty of great tango experiences all around Europe, and we’ll tell you about the best ones here!

1. Madrid


Tango is pretty popular in Madrid, not surprisingly. You will have some good dances in this city, as long as you can find the most popular spots for Milongas. There are dance events every night of the week, but the choices are much more limited on workdays. The fun Milongas are hosted on weekends, and I recommend those for the best experience.

Tropical House is the most popular dance club in Madrid, and it hosts Milongas several nights a week. It is located on Gran Via, and you can’t really miss the place, thanks to the neon sign. The dance club is also a great spot if you’re willing to try out some other Latin dances, such as cha-cha-cha, flamenco, or samba. This place is best suited for dancers who have at least some experience in tango.

And if you’re interested in classes, your best bet is to head to the Dance Classes Madrid agency. They organize classes for various different Spanish and Latin dances, one of which is tango. You can go alone, bring a partner or even a group of friends – the teachers will customize the class to your preferred experience. The classes are suitable for beginners as well as those who have some tango experience, so everyone can have fun!

And of course, don’t forget to spend at least a little time exploring Madrid and seeing all that this amazing city has to offer. Sure, you are here for the Tango, but you should enjoy everything Spain has to offer as well!

2. Vienna


Tango is an incredibly popular dance in Vienna as well. Who knew that the German-speaking folk loved to tango that much!

For the more experienced dancers, there’s the annual Vienna Calling Tango Marathon. It is usually held in either May or November, and it lasts for three days. This year the marathon is in May, so if you’re interested hurry up and register – only 250 dancers can get a spot, and dance to the sounds of internationally famous DJs in one of Vienna’s most gorgeous ballrooms.

And if you can’t get a spot, there’s still hope – last year there were marathons both in Spring and Winter, so there’s a chance that they will hold a November marathon as well.

There are also international Milonga evenings once every season. Four times a year the most passionate tango aficionados gather together to dance at Louis Braille Saal – the same ballroom where the annual tango marathon is held.

If you don’t like planning, that is perfectly fine. There are various different events throughout Vienna every single evening of the week, where you can just show up and tango. And they’re all listed together on a tango calendar.

3. Rome


If you are on a longer European trip or even just spending a couple of days in Rome there is always a chance you can find a place to dance Tango.

It makes perfect sense that some of the best Milongas in Europe are held in one of the most romantic cities on the continent. There are dance events every night of the week, and the best ones are organized by Rome’s Academia Barrio Tango.

The dance school holds classes for dancers of all skill levels. It also organizes Milongas three nights a week, which are perfect for lovers of traditional tango.

Another very popular spot for tango in Rome is the Tango Bar. This place also hosts dance events several times a week and has some of the best tango classes in Italy. But what’s even better is that the Tango Bar is one of the few spots in Rome where you can practice tango nuevo. They also host something called “Milonga Lunatika”, where both traditional and nuevo tango dancers are welcome.

But, those are just the two best dance schools in Rome. You can find a Milonga somewhere in the city any day of the week and in pretty much every part of Rome. Popular areas like Trastevere have bars. Just keep in mind that most have entrance fees, but they are usually not too high (under 10 Euros).

4. Athens


For most people, traveling in Greece many long sunny days spent on spectacular islands in the Mediterranean. It is especially popular because Greece is still relatively cheap for a European country.

And five or six years ago, you would have had a pretty hard time finding a Milonga in Athens. Today, there are several of them every day of the week. In the last five years, quite a lot of younger and middle-aged Greeks turned to tango as one of their new favorite past times.

This is mostly attributed to the financial crisis of Greece. People needed a way to blow off steam and have fun, and tango was a really cheap option.

And it still is – the entrance to Milongas is Athens is either free or really cheap. The most expensive one we found was Sunday evening Milongas at El Bandoneon – an Argentinian restaurant. The entrance fee is 15 euros (drink included), which is still cheaper than most other Milongas in Vienna and Berlin.

In most cases, the classes and dance events in Athens are suited for lovers of traditional tango. But, there are still some places that offer nuevo tango classes, like the Steam Athens night club. And there are other places that alternate between the two, depending on which DJ is available.

5. Brussels


Don’t act surprised – I told you that the northern Europeans are big fans of tango. And Brussels is definitely one of the best cities in Europe where you can dance the tango. If you’re up to it, you could even register for the Tango festival.

Or are you just looking for a good dance class? There are weekly tango classes in Brussels city centre, for four different skill levels – beginners, intermediate beginners, advanced beginners, and intermediate & advanced dancers. The best part is that absolute beginners can attend a class for free! So, if you’ve never danced the tango before, perhaps Brussels is the perfect city to try it. So, just make a little time in your Brussels itinerary while you are here, you certainly won’t regret it.

Oh, and if you’re looking for Milongas, there’s a great one every night of the week. Some of the best dance events are hosted by the Tangueria, which hosts traditional tango events. And since traditional Argentine tango is based on walking, the Tangueria is open to everyone who is willing to try and learn the tango. They even have a form on their website that lets you search for dance partners if you’re flying solo for the evening.

6. Budapest


I was genuinely surprised to learn how popular tango is in Budapest. Turns out it’s all the rage at the moment, and there’s actually quite a few places where you can go and dance your heart out. There are dance events throughout the city, and several different ballrooms and bars that regularly host them.

There are multiple Milongas to choose from every night of the week, except Monday nights. Those evenings the only available Milonga in Budapest is hosted by Kati & Tiha Budapest Tango Experience. The Monday event is an interactive practice, and it is best suited for dancers who have at least intermediate experience with tango. Oh, and you can also try your DJing skills, as long as you message Kati and Tiha on time, which you can do on Facebook!

Just like Kati and Tiha’s tango evening, most of the best milongas are held at Budapest’s Tango Factory. They offer group and private tango classes, host Milongas, and even have an event called “Queer tango” every Tuesday. In this event, you are free to dance whichever role you want, regardless of your gender. Perfect if you already have some experience with tango, and want to switch things up a bit.

Just keep in mind where you stay in Budapest, as it’s quite a big city and there is a river running down the middle!

7. Berlin


Berlin is a stunning city, and probably the second-best place in the world to dance the tango. Which is surprising, I know. But, the city has been an established tango metropolis for quite some time now, and it has all the events to prove it.

You can dance both classic and modern tango in Berlin. And there is a dance event for tango lovers of all skills, nearly every night of the week. Tangoloft dance school is one of the best in the city. It offers classes, as well as Milongas – Tango Argentino dance evenings. Which are beginner-friendly!

But there are plenty of other options as well and for every day of the week. On Tuesday evenings head to Clärchen Ballhaus, for a true ballroom experience. On Wednesdays, you can choose between the Roter Salon of the Volksbühne and the Mala Junta Dance school. The latter the better option for less experienced dancers.

For best tango Argentino classes, head to Urquiza in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. They host classes every evening Sunday-Thursday, which are suitable for both beginners and couples of various skill levels.

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