Top Holiday destinations in Europe

Europe offers both modern and traditional activities for the traveler who wants to explore art, history and culture from Spain to Scotland, Amsterdam to Paris and beyond.


Plitvice Lakes

Made infinitely more popular by having the Game of Thrones filmed there, Croatia is now well and truly on most people’s must-see in Europe list. With a stunning Meditteranean coastline, countless islands and beaches to relax on, as well as some of the best fresh seafood you will find in Europe, who can ignore this Eastern European gem.

There are also a swathe of stunning national parks in Croatia too, many of which people often ignore. First, and perhaps most popular, are the Plitvice lakes. Their jaw-dropping turquoise waters will have you wondering if they are real? Further down the country, just near Split, is Krka, a waterfall filled national park that is also worth stopping off at.

And then there are the historic towns and cities, from the more renowned like Split and Dubrovnik to the lesser-known but still worthwhile like Zadar and Trogir. There is more here than you can possibly do in just a few weeks!


beautiful Amsterdam , canals in downtownimage credit

Whether you are backpacking your way through Europe or traveling around the Netherlands with family, Amsterdam is one of the first places you will visit!

If you are an art lover, Amsterdam is a delightful, eco-friendly destination to visit some of the finest art galleries in Europe and is one of the most accessible cities in the world. With hundreds of flights landing in Amsterdam every day, it is home to Schiphol Airport, one of the busiest and best airports in Europe.

If you were coming to Amsterdam for the first time, you can start your cultural journey in Museumplein. The city’s name literally means “museum square” because it has some of the largest art galleries at this location. If you were to choose just one museum, Stedelijk is an ideal choice where you can see the most important pieces of modern art in The Netherlands today!

After touring the array of art galleries in Museumplein, you can take a leisurely ride on the breathtaking canals of Amsterdam. Once used as a mode of transportation and defense in the 17th-century, Amsterdam has an impressive 165 historic canals for tourists to experience whether its on a private boat, a charter, a special themed or catered tour, or on an open-top boat from the St. Nicolaas Boat Club.

There is more than enough to do here that you could spend a few days in Amsterdam and really get to see what this amazing city has to offer.


Austria is often left of the list of top destinations in Europe, but we want to definitely include it. Like it’s alpine neighbor Switzerland, Austria has a lot to offer in terms of stunning scenery, amazing train journeys and mountain towns that will fill your memory card in no time. And of course, we should definitely not forget the stunning capital: Vienna.

Some of the most popular places include Innsbruck, Hallstatt, and Salzburg but there are tonnes of other to visit, many of which make great day trips from Vienna. For instance, there is Graz, Linz, Kitzbuhel and Sell am See for starters. And many many more.

And last but not least, if you are a fan of the classic movie Sounds of Music, don’t forget it was filmed in the Alps in Austria and should definitely be on your itinerary!



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Known as the destination for lovers and starving artists, Paris has a unique charm that seems to burst from every corner of this city. It is one of the most popular places to visit art galleries, museums and landmarks. Paris is also the location where you can check out the most popular fashion trends and has some of the finest gourmet restaurants in the world! If you would like to sample a variety of things to eat and do, Paris offers savory eateries from around the globe and exclusive boutiques.

Although Paris may be the biggest city in France, and the most popular, there are plenty of other places to visit. For example, these day trips from Paris make for a great way to use it as a base but still get to explore the country a little too.


Valenciaimage credit

Spain is a country that has a fusion of traditional Spanish culture and Islamic influences wrapped into its architecture and artwork. Spain is known for its relaxed atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. While in Spain you can sample local foods like tapas, a main staple. Spain has numerous bars that serve lots of drinks and delicious food. It is also a great destination for golfers since the climate on its coast offers very tolerable playing conditions. You can find some of the best golf courses in Costa Del Sol where the San Roque, Finca Cortesin and La Cala courses provide great amenities. Majorca is another great holiday destination where you can visit the Bendinat and Poniente courses west of the island.



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side from its exotic, sunny golf courses, Scotland is renowned for its Highland Games with the stirring music of bagpipe bands. This enchanting country is a medley of historical roots with great festivals, such as Michaelmas Day (celebrated on the 29th of September), shows, galas and sporting events. With Scotland’s diverse range of attractions and themes, it can easily cater to the unique needs of different age groups.

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