The Best Places In The World To Do Freelance Work From

Have you heard the term “digital nomad?”  At last year’s South by Southwest conference, a panel explored how entrepreneurs and freelancers are living and working from all over the world.  A big piece of the modern version of the entrepreneurial dream includes “location independence” or the ability to work anywhere, unencumbered, from around the world.  While the reality is that most entrepreneurs still end up working from their living rooms, an increasing number are finding exciting locales from around the globe to get work done and have life adventures along the way.  Here are four of the best ideas we’ve heard lately.



One of most urbane and beautiful countries in South America, Argentina is the place to go to learn Spanish, become a world-class tango professional, and mingle with Latin America’s beautiful people.  An apartment in Buenos Aires is a steal, professional services and good internet isn’t that hard to find, and a thriving ex-pat community opens up plenty of networking opportunities. There’s plenty of things to get your blood pumping in Argentina, from exploring the Iguazu Jungle to skiing Cerro Catedral to wandering the Patagonian Steppe.  It’s also an easy flight from US cities like Miami.


The Philippines

If you’re craving something more exotic and want to wander a little further afield, another great place to live and do business in is the Philippines.  This country has become the latest, hottest location for outsourcing.  You can find great office space, staff, and support services at phenomenal prices and your dollar goes a long way toward a high-end living space.  The pace of things here is definitely developing world (stuff takes longer than expected, corruption can be a problem) but if you’re willing to be patient, you can easily fall in love with the place. Adrenaline junkies love these islands.  From eco-adventures in Bohol to ziplining in Cagayan de Oro to white water rafting on the Chico River, the many islands of the Philippines offer an endless playground.

iceland blue lagoon


Besides being one of the most innovative countries in the world (hydrogen cars everywhere), Iceland is recovering from a major fiscal crisis. Whether you’re craving a city life in Reykjavík or a more quiet countryside experience, Iceland has it.  In addition to being a great base to explore the rest of Europe on long weekend excursions, the country has its own unlimited source of adventures.  With active volcanos, ice climbing, and some of the world’s most extreme skiing, Iceland is a winter sport lover’s dream.



The first idea that comes to mind when thinking of Jamaica is probably spending all your time on an all-inclusive resort or else facing possible danger (Hint: Jamaica is safer than you think).  An unexpected choice, Jamaica has a lot going in its favor. It’s less than a 2 hour flight from Miami and a good base for exploring the rest of the Caribbean. Gorgeous tropical weather, endless sandy beaches, while strong culture and food tradition will keep you busy exploring new sensations.  But there’s a whole side to Jamaica that goes unknown, from the relatively good infrastructure in Kingston to the attractions for adventure seekers. Try hiking to coffee plantations in the Blue Mountains or diving in Port Antonio. Jamaica has loads of offbeat tropical adventures.

If you’re thinking about doing the location independent business approach in 2013, think outside the box.  It’s easy to combine your love of adventure with a good location to work from.  Today, it’s possible to have both, without sacrificing either one!

About the author: Adam Franklin has written poignant articles for the travel industry for many years. In his spare time he reviews Hotels near Barrett Jackson like Thunderbird Suites and enjoys playing racquetball for his local team.

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  1. I didn’t realise that Argentina would be a great place to work as a freelance but I think I would like to live in the West Indies so that I can take to the beech once in a while.

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