Sightseeing in Bulgaria: The Sites You Need to See


Here’s a Look at Some Sites You Need to See in if you are traveling in Bulgaria.

If you’re planning a holiday abroad to Bulgaria, the list of best sights to see below will give you a small idea of all that you can do when visiting this country. Located in Southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is a popular travel destination for many reasons. From natural beauty and wonder to man made buildings and monuments, there’s a lot to see in this small European country.

Top Sites to See in Bulgaria

Here’s a list to help with sightseeing in Bulgaria.

National Museum of History

For those who love looking to the past, a stop at the Bulgaria National Museum of History is recommended. Located in Sofia, this is the country’s largest museum. It was created in 1973, but the first exposition wasn’t until 1984.

The Bachkovo Monastery

The Bachkovo Monastery is another ancient place that is really cool to see in person. Previously known as the Monastery of the Mother of God Petritzonitissa, the church is located south of Sofia next to the river. Many people come to visit this location every single year.

Botevgrad clock tower bulgaria

Clocktower in Botevgrad

Located in Western Bulgaria, Botevgrad is an interesting city in many different ways. One of the sites most people like to see when traveling here is the clocktower in the center of town – a site that’s quite impressive.

shipka church bulgaria

Shipka Memorial Church

This old church is located in the town of Shipka. Also known as the Memorial Temple of the Birth of Christ, construction was started in 1885 and was completed in 1902. The opening in September of that year commemorated the  Battles of Shipka Pass.

Museum of Ethnography

This great museum is located in Elhovo, a small town located on a river in between the  Strandzha and Sakar mountains. This is a small museum, but students of history and those who love culture will find a lot to like at this location. Even if you don’t go to the museum, the town itself is full of sites to see.

Pirin mountain bulgaria

Vihren Peak

This impressive display of natural beauty is the highest point of the Pirin Mountain range. The best way to get there is to start your journey from  Vihren chalet from the south.


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