Peyote Spirit Walk

All work and no play got you down? Stop living in the matrix, man! Reevaluate the meaning of your life with the Peyote Spirit Walk.

On your Spirit Walk with the church of the Peyote Way, you will trek out into the Arizona outback and trip on Peyote tea for 8-12 hours all alone. It costs around $400 (which is a donation to their church) where you will then be prepared buy church leaders. This is followed by a 24 hour fast and then consumption of the Peyote in a tea.

This is an experience that will live with you for the rest of your life, either because you will truly learn what is important in life, or because a coyote gnawed your right arm off. We’re just sayin’.

Peyote illegal
Image Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Is Peyote Legal?

As far as I can tell, Peyote is illegal in most states of the USA. It is legal for Native Americans, and also non-natives in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon and of course, Nevada! At least according to the guys at the Peyote Way.

It has also recently been legalized in the good old state of California!

Where Can You Find Peyote?

Peyote is actually very hard to find in nature as it is only still found in the south of Texas or Mexico. As such, it is a pretty tough sucker to come by.

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