Air Sex Competitions: Want To Test Your Skills?

Are you bored and looking for new and exciting ways to stay entertained? Then we might just have the thing for you. It is so crazy and outrageous that it will quickly suck you in. Get ready for the air sex competition, a unique and unusual contest that has taken the world by storm over the last few years. Believe it or not, there is even a World Championship and some people take their performance extremely seriously. For those who are not afraid to display their sex routine in public or for those who just like to show off their talents, this is the perfect competition. If you have no other talents, who knows, you might have it in you to be the next air sex world champion.

The competition is actually quite simple; you have 2 minutes to perform your air sex show and you can include whatever you like, from seduction to actual intercourse. Two minutes might sound like an eternity for some people, while others might think they cannot possibly express all their talent in this short time. Following the first-round of acts, the judges pick the best performances to move to the next round. to compete for prizes from local merchants. Believe it or not, from local competitions, the winners go on to the regional stage and if they are really talented, to the big World Championship, held in Austin, Texas each year.

The air sex competition is not just fun to participate in; it’s also extremely hilarious to watch. If you are dying to see people make fools of themselves, this is the perfect opportunity. From the weirdest and most outrageous performances to the more conservative and theatrical, the performances are sure to keep you entertained and laughing your brains out.

Although this crazy event started in 2009 as an air guitar parody, it soon became a phenomenon and air sex competitions are popping up all over the United States. Some might find the air sex competition a little too out there, but most have embraced this new pastime and love to watch these funny and crazy performances. You will be amazed of what people imagine and put on stage. So if you are looking for unusual entertainment, visit this competition, you will not be sorry. Who knows, you might have it in you to be the next air sex world champion. Just keep practicing!

The latest USA National Championships took place just recently in Atlanta, and if you missed those, you will have to wait until next year!


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