How To: Overcome Your Fear Of Flying

The fear of flying, aerophobia, causes sufferers to experience dry mouth, rapid heartbeat and anxiety when faced with flying. This fear may limit transportations options to trains, boats and cars. While this phobia does restrict the way you can travel, there are ways to overcome it.

Of course, for many people, the anxiety of flying itself is more than enough deterrent to keep you from even buying a ticket in the first place.

So, rather than be paralysed by your fear, we thought we would share a few ways you can overcome it.

Understand the Safety Records of Airlines

One way to alleviate your fears of flying is to understand that flying is one of the safest forms of transportation. The chances of being involved in an accident while flying is very low. Planes are typically diverted or canceled when the weather is severe. Planes are also built to withstand any turbulence encountered during a flight. Understanding that you are safe during a flight will help to calm your nerves, allowing you to have an enjoyable experience.


Bring Activities to Keep Yourself Distracted

Focusing on something other than the flight will help to keep you at ease. Bring activities with you on the plane to keep you occupied. Listening to music, playing games, reading a favorite book are a few time-filling activities. Airplanes now are equipped with in-flight television and movies for you to watch. The trick is to keep yourself from worrying about what makes you fearful of flying.

Turn on the Air Vent

Cool air can have a calming effect. When you find yourself about to become anxious, open the above head air valve. The air will calm heavy breathing and reduce and sweat that may develop when you starting. Turn the air vent on at its highest sitting and direct it to blow in your face. Turn it off when you anxiety starts to subside.

Nerve Calming Medications

If you suffer from a severe fear of flying, medication can help. Discuss your anxiety symptoms with your physician. Your physician can prescribe medication to handle any nausea, anxiety and motion sickness you may experience as a result of your fears. The medications may not do much to eliminate the source of your fears, but they will make you more comfortable.


Talk About Your Fears

If you have never been on a fly and fear flying, talk to someone who has flown before. Knowing what to expect can help to make to experience less frightening. Have your friends describe the complete experience. Ask if they have ever experienced turbulence and what happened when they experienced it. There are videos on the internet to help you familiarize yourself with the noises, sounds and sights of flying. Understanding how what happens during a flight will help to eliminate some of your fears.

The fear of flying is a very real and debilitating fear. It can prevent you from flying or become the cause of stress when you have to fly. However, there are ways to conquer your fears. Using these tips can help you become more comfortable with flying. Once you deal with your anxiety, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable flight.

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  1. I’m not afraid of flying myself, per se, but the changing pressure during flight can be a bit of a pain. I’ve learned that chewing gum tends to help a lot and now it’s become a ritual of mine to never travel unless I have a pack of gum on me. Saves me a lot of a headache, and earache, in the long run.

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