Hot Air Balloon Tours in Dubai

Wow.  Wow.  Wow!
That’s all you’re going to be able to say when you rise up over the breathtaking lands of Dubai.  How is that going to happen, you ask? Why, by hot air balloon, my friend! That’s how!

Even if you came in by plane, and landed in Dubai’s fantastic airport, nothing is going to beat a hot air balloon. There’s really no other way to see such a magnificent cityscape as well as gain an appreciation for the landscape, both natural and man-made than to take a tour of Dubai via the sky.

When you visit this stunning part of the world, you just cannot leave without having an experience.  From the food to entertainment to activities, there is something that is sure to whet any person’s appetite and satiate any thrill seeker’s expectations.  And of course, the experience of a hot air balloon ride is one to most definitely place on the list of ‘must do’s’ during your tour.

From the minute you step foot into the balloon, you will be greeted by the gentle lift off the ground which signifies that you are on your way. The feeling is gradual and as the gas is pulled on and off, you alternate between the sounds of nature and the balloon gently rising to the skies.

It feels out of this world.  Floating through the atmosphere, watching the world pass by…

So, what are some of the amazing things that you will see if you take a hot air balloon tour in Dubai?  So glad you asked!  Let’s get started then.  Early.   Really early.

Why so early?  What’s the big deal?  The morning glory sunrise is what’s the big deal.

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Let’s face it, even if you’re not a morning person, the sunrise from a hot air balloon, anywhere is going to be a treat but as you watch the sun peep up and over sprawling sand dunes dotted with camels and gazelles, there is nothing quite like watching the vast red lands and oases set out like little green jewels pass by. It is pretty unique to say the least. And something you can do, even with kids.

As the tour continues, you will have the opportunity to take snapshot memories of what is difficult to describe without a picture and see some of the most beautiful vistas the country has to offer.

For those romantics out there, here’s your chance to offer your other half an unforgettable moment.  Organize a custom-designed tour with your guide, get that proposal ready and step inside the balloon for the ride of a lifetime!

If you’ve got a party planned to celebrate the big end-of-year company ‘do’, why not arrange to have a flight chartered for your team?  You can organize to have beverages and celebrate in style with those who you’ve worked alongside all year.

If you’re looking to get a bit of publicity, a hot air balloon is certainly going to garner attention all across the land!  Literally!  All you need to do is have a large wad of cash and plenty of time and marketing nous to organize it. It’s worth the effort as the balloons can be designed by your company and will last for a number of years.  A really valuable investment so worth considering if you want some serious advertisement.

And of course, just floating through the air, seeing the land and taking in the experience just because you can is absolutely worth the early start, the cool morning breeze in your face and the thrill of being hundreds of meters in the air!

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  1. Dubai is one of the best place to visit, I do remember when I was a kid of age 12 years old, I enjoyed a lot of sightseeing, also the people are very co operative. Subscribed your blog.

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