Europe’s Most Unusual Campsites

Finding a decent camping spot can be as easy as pitching up on the nearest available piece of soft grass. However, if you are looking for a camping experience of an alternative nature then prepare to open your mind a little further as there are many bizarre campsites all over Europe just waiting to be discovered. Here are 5 weird and wonderful campsites which take the experience of camping to a completely new level.

1. The Indoor Caravan Park: HuettenPalast – Germany

Not a fan of roughing it out in a canvas windbreak and falling asleep to the sounds of nocturnal wildlife? Well don’t give up on camping just yet because the HuettenPalast indoor caravan park provides an alternative setting for those who pursue a more comfortable camping experience. Composed of indoor caravans and wooden cabins, this campsite combines the comforts of hotel accommodation with the communal, do-it-yourself nature of traditional camping. The site is located in a converted vacuum cleaner factory in Hüttenpalast, Berlin. For more info visit

2. Ecocamp Glenshee Glamping Pods – Scotland


For those wanting to get away from it all and explore nature, but are not quite ready for a tent yet, then the Glamping Pods are Glenshee are a great alternative. They are in fact one of the many glamping options available in the UK at the moment, but one definitely worth checking out.

Not only are the facilities top-notch, but they are located not too far north of Edinburgh just below the stunning Cairngorms National Park. A place every nature lover would dream of getting lost in!

For more info visit

3. Camping in the Trees: Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht – Germany

This campsite is nestled within a forest adventure park and offers three peculiar choices of accommodation. The first option is a night spent upon a ‘floating’ wooden platform. These platforms are tied to trees raised off the ground but reaching toilet and washing facilities is still relatively easy. The second is to camp out in a ‘Portaledge’ a uniquely designed tree-hanging tent designed to be water proof and structurally safe in all weather conditions. The third and most extreme option is to camp overnight whilst hanging upon a 1000 meter-high rock face. This option is not for the faint-hearted as it puts the limits of vertigo to the test. For more info visit

4. Raft Camping: Mass Center Erase – Belgium

This alternative camping experience places you on a 25-square-meter floating raft. If you are thinking white-water-rafting then think again. All rafts are tied up and a considerable distance away from each other for a peaceful and private experience. Your raft also comes complete with a canoe so there is plenty of opportunities to go and explore. This river-based campsite can be found in the region of Maasland near the Dutch border. Visit for more info.

5. Concrete Tubing: Das Park Hotel, Ottensheim – Austria

Das Park Hotel is a campsite which fuses the urban with the outdoors. The site consists of 3 repurposed concrete drainage pipes which feature comfortable double beds, storage and quite a bit of headroom. The pipes weigh 9.5 tonnes so there is no worry of them rolling away and with an electronic locking mechanism, you can be assured that they are safe and secure. All other facilities are located on site including toilets, showers and mini-bar. This certainly seems like one of the most unusual campsites yet. For more info visit


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