Bizarre Safety Signs from Across the Globe

Whether you’re in Thailand or America, you’re sure to come across a wide range of safety signs that are designed to advise and inform. While some are nothing out of the ordinary, others are a little more unusual – so take a look at the following gallery of weird and wonderful safety signs from across the world.

Florida, USA

Do not feed the alligators makes perfect sense, but do not play with the alligators? Who in their right mind would want to hang out with a creature that has an average of 80 razor-sharp teeth in their mouth at any one time? Males can reach 11.2 feet and weight up to half a ton. They’re also notorious cheaters, so you may want to find someone else to play with.

Manchester, England


Surely there’s a word missing here. If not, the people of Manchester better stop emptying their dogs as someone’s not happy.



Located in India, this sign seems to imply that having a woman passenger is as dangerous as talking on your cellphone. While we haven’t conducted any official studies, we’re speculating that the sign was put up by men who just want to peacefully listen to their favorite radio show for the duration of their drive.


Have you ever seen a sign like it? There are many notices warning people about pickpockets, but this is targeting a certain ‘shaven head’ child. The best bit is, there is no picture, and so all bold-headed infants become the subject of suspicion – awkward!

Brisbane, Australia

Thank god for people who take amusing the public (and enraging the humorless) into their own hands.  This notice sign from Australia thanking people for noticing the notice, now get your head around that– if you can. The sign is also the color of most mandatory signs, so perhaps it’s also ordering us to notice the notice?


According to this sign, it’s dangerous not to swim. If they meant to write; dangerous, do not swim – they could have a big problem on their hands. If you come across this notice in Mexico, don’t forget to check with the tourist board if it’s alright to take a dip.

Newton, Iowa


If you’re travelling through Newton, Iowa – keep a look out for this sign. You shouldn’t have to search too hard, however, as it’s almost the size of the bridge. This gigantic warning notice has done its job so far, but is there a sign on the other side? Let’s hope so, as this doesn’t look like a one-way road.



It’s amazing what punctuation (or a lack of) can do! A simple exclamation mark after cows would have completely changed the meaning of this sign – but it’s funnier as is.

Dublin, Ireland

Warning! Do not enter or you could lose a leg. Or are you a risk of getting legless in one of the many pubs dotting Temple Bar. The sign-making factory seems to have misplaced the red line here.

Bangkok, Thailand

This sign can be found at the entrance of the Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok Thailand. All seems ok, until you get to the fourth bullet point. What does do not dangle any doll mean?

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