5 Cool New Travel Dwellings

Who doesn’t love to travel? Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. When you cross the borders to a different country you expand the borders of your mind with new and fresh experiences, customs and people. Travel helps you to think out of the box and open up to what the world has to offer you. When you are out and about broadening your mind and horizons you had better go and do it in style. Unless you’re narrow-minded read on to discover the 5 coolest new travel dwellings.

5. The motorcycle home combo

Red. That is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this picture. But also: a custom build trike that will definitely offer you the ‘easy rider feeling’ whilst pulling a matching tiny trailer. The motorcycle home combo is both cool and cosy. They say ‘for some there is therapy, for others there are motorcycles.’ And this one comes with a home, too.

travel trailer

4. Hawley Bowlus’s Road Chief Travel Trailer

Hawley who? It’s Hawley Bowlus, and he designed aircrafts, and in 1934, he built a trailer called the Road Chief. And guess what? It’s back and you can buy one for just $100,000! We had forgotten all about it for a while but they’ve released an American aerodynamic style version of the trailer that we’re saving up our allowance for.


3. Ashton Kutcher’s mobile home

Ashton who? No, just kidding. We all know prankster, actor and former Mr. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher. Anyway, he has recently bought a two-storey mobile estate and it is humongous. The estate is known as ‘the Heat’ and costs: $2 million. Quite expensive for a trailer, I reckon. He gets a fair bang for his buck, though: 53 ft long and 13 ft 6 inches high, amenities include 2 bathrooms, living room, bedrooms and (why not?) conference space.

wearable-tent likecool

2. A wearable tent

On we go with number 2. Number 2 is a bright yellow wearable tent. Random, but at least it’s affordable! According to the ad it provides quick refuge in emergency situations. It is lightweight, compact and doubles as poncho. Did I mention it’s yellow? Well it is and it could be convenient when you’re out hiking and forced to spend a night outdoors. If you don’t like yellow you can also buy one in blue or camouflage colours. I’m not sure if the military has yet to fully grasp the tactical applications of the tent, but only time will tell.


1. Treetents

It’s the raindrop-shaped treetent in the middle of a caravan park. If you want to protect the bottom of your tent from waterlogged ground simply rise above! The raindrop tents are composed of a steel frame wrapped in canvas. Measuring some 13 feet you won’t be hard strapped for space. It is big enough for a family of two adults and two children. Practical, affordable and unique; it rightly finds itself at the top spot.

So there you have it: the 5 coolest new travel dwellings. If you’re an outside the box-thinker, why not consider a holiday in a crazy travel-space? Which of these dwellings do you like best?   

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