10 Great Countries for Backpackers

Some of the most avid travelers are young backpackers –  eager to explore new things, experience different cultures, and see new places. And who can blame them? There is certainly a lot of amazing things to see and experience while backpacking around the world.

Of course, you have to plan and prepare, like for anything big in life. Whether that means buying the right gear or just getting the most appropriate travel insurance.

Picking the perfect destinations is also a difficult task. So, if you’re looking for the perfect holiday vacation that will appeal to your senses, you came to the right place. Here are some of the most perfect destinations for the spirited youth:

1. Greece

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Both the mainland and the cluster of islands are great places to see in the charming country of Greece. Some people choose to focus on the capital of Athens, and I can understand why. They have some amazing monuments worth checking out. Some you will not see the likes of anywhere else in the world.

Ios and Santorini are two famous destinations for beach bumming, postcard-worthy views, dining and partying. Experience the historic and breathtaking splendor of Athens. Sunset sail and take a walking tour on the Thalassa. Greece is definitely a perfect place for young adults who love to relax, have a taste of the unique Greek flavors, and enjoy the beauty and romance of a gorgeous island.

2. Italy

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Experience the romance, allure, culture, and history of Italy – and don’t forget the amazing food! Italy combines the old and new vibe more than any place can. From the richness of Florence, warm and colorful locales of Rome, to the quaint and romanticly unique waterways of Venice. You’ll surely find your place in it somewhere.

Make sure to experience hanging out in a local piazza or pizzeria and sip a heartwarming cappuccino in one of their local cafes. And of course, you absolutely have to see all the mind-blowing ruins in Rome, how can you not, right?

And if you have a little lust for a glass or three of wine then head to Tuscany, which is not only famous for it but has some of the most amazing hilltop towns in the country. Just be sure to head there out of season to avoid the crowds. Especially in the more popular cities like Lucca and Sienna.

And last, but certainly not least, the Amalfi Coast has some of the best road-tripping you can do, as long as you can handle the insanely narrow roads. With cliff-hanging towns like Positano and the beaches and waters to go with it, you will have a vacation to remember for years to come!

3. Thailand

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Thailand is a perfect hub for young travelers because of its crystal blue waters, tropical climate, colorful culture, and great shopping finds. The country truly awakens the senses with its exotic street foods, bargain finds, unique tuktuks, nightlife, elephant rides, and all-night beach parties – definitely perfect for the adventurous youth!

Some of the most popular destinations include of course the capital Bangkok, and the Northern city of Chiang Mai which is popular at New Years. And in the south, there are all the islands and beaches such as Ao Nang, Phi Phi Island, and Ko Samui

4. USA

Who would want to miss the city that never sleeps? Much like the young crowd who are always full of energy, New York City can definitely catch up. Stroll on the famous streets of New York City and Manhattan, and make sure you enjoy shopping and dining in chic restaurants, as well as historic sites. On the other side of the country lies Las Vegas – another place that’s wide awake at night and a perfect place to party!

5. France

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Eiffel Tower, Seine River Cruise, The Louvre, and the Moulin Rouge – oh, how nice and romantic it would be to be in Paris! It’s a famous go-to destination for the fashionistas and the romantics, but you wouldn’t run out of places to go both night and day, really. If you want to party, Paris will not disappoint you – choose from the clubs of Oberkampf, Bastille, Belleville, Pigalle, and Champs Elysees.

6. Netherlands

A fantastic mix of culture and nightlife, and a perfect place for bike rides. Don’t forget to have your picture taken at Zaanse Schans Windmills, go on an Amsterdam Canals River Cruise, and visit Ann Frank’s House, Van Gogh Museum, House of Bols (Dutch gin museum) and the Heineken Brewery.

One of the greatest adjectives that can describe the young generation is curious, that’s why Amsterdam is a perfect place! It is notorious for its lax approach to prostitution and drugs and if you’re someone who doesn’t like these things – don’t worry! You’ll still enjoy the beautiful and astonishing city that is Amsterdam.

7. Czech Republic

For the young ones looking for a more laidback trip, Czech Republic is for you. Prague is popular among young backpackers for its old European vibe and charming cityscapes. What to do? Don’t forget to chug some of the famous Prague beer; it’s surely friendly on the pocket so try different varieties. Also, take time to decipher the Astronomical Clock from the 15th century, with its complex zodiac figures on its face – you’ll surely get hooked to its mystery. Prague has rich old-world glamour and fantastic architecture so make sure you have your cameras ready.

8. Egypt

Egypt .. fun is back - Sinai Safary

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You have long seen it in books so why not experience the Pyramids of Giza up close? Aside from that, you should also visit the finest Islamic architecture and Cairo’s colorful street markets. Other spots worth visiting are Alexandria, Memphis, and Saqqara. Don’t miss sailing on the traditional felucca at the sparkling waters of the Nile River or the Red Sea, and hiking at Mt. Sinai to experience spectacular views and an unforgettable sunrise.

9. Indonesia

Bali is the perfect beach getaway without breaking the bank. It is surely one of Indonesia’s highlights for surfing, diving and snorkeling – great waves and vibrant coral reefs.

The beach is not the only thing you can explore here though, Yogyakarta is also perfect explorations of the rich cultural treasures of the country. And, there is always the stunning Tegalalang rice terraces in Ubud, which are an absolute must-see. You can also visit the Elephant Safari Park which is commended as the world’s best elephant park. Experience Bali shopping, Balinese cuisine and nightlife (make sure to try the local Bintang Beer),

And if you have a lot more time to spare then don’t miss Jakarta of course, the country’s capital.

10. Spain

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Spain is a destination long famous for the people’s warmth and the charm of its cities. Barcelona is a perfect place for the young, where the interesting history and culture of the country meet the modern age of discos, pubs and restaurants. After visiting museums, historic gardens, parks, and architecture, head out club-hopping at the most innovative clubs you can find in Diagonal, Barrio de Gracia, Port Olimpic, and Port Vell.

Ibiza is another famous spot for the young ones, known as the party capital of the country and the most dazzling island getaway with warm and clear turquoise waters. What else would a young and hip crowd look for?

What To Pack For The Ideal Backpack Trip

There are so many things you might, could or should take on your backpacking trip around the world. But the first thing you should be thinking of is which kind of backpack.

You definitely want enough space for all your stuff, but maybe you don’t want to have to carry your backpack all the time. That is where a wheeled backpack comes in!

Other items you want to consider are a sleeping sheet if you are bunking down in hostels. Packing cubes are handy if you don’t want to have to hunt around for your underwear of socks stuffed down the bottom of your pack. Of course, you also want a place to organise all your electronics, and a spare battery for your phone!

Are there any other gems we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Abigail Agres is a lifestyle blogger. She writes for Kilroy Group Travel, a premier travel organization in the Scandinavian travel industry and specializes in study trips, holidays, group travel, business travel and active travel.

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