A Man’s Guide to Blending Luxury with Luggage

Men are known to be rather predictable when it comes to their luggage, no matter if it’s for a business trip or a relaxing vacation. Rather than sticking to standard luggage, you’ll want to bring something with you that’s both practical and stylish and perfectly fits all of your travel needs. Before you check your luggage, check to make sure that you’ve got the right luggage. 

Know Your Options


The type of trip that you’re going on will determine the type of luggage that you’re bringing with you. If you’re going on a family vacation, you might want a leather travel bag that has enough room for all of your clothes and something that you can pull behind you if it’s especially heavy. Business trips call for light luggage and something that will goes well with business attire. There are briefcases, attaché cases, backpacks and bags that are perfect for toiletries and shaving supplies. For the best quality and a product that will last you for several years to come, look into designer luggage. Even though designer name brands are expensive, they are well worth it in terms of quality and length of use.

Briefcases and Attaché Cases


If you do a lot of business traveling, do yourself a favor and learn about the different kinds of briefcase so that you don’t use your leather travel bag any more than you have to.

Standard briefcases are soft, rectangular, usually made out of leather and come in either brown or black colors. They’re a good choice for the traveling businessman because they can easily slip into an overhead compartment or underneath the seat of an airplane. Briefcases come in a variety of styles, so they’re great for both conservative businessmen and businessmen who work in more creative and casual atmospheres. Briefcases are great for airplane tickets, books, laptops and any other items that you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your destination.


Attaché cases are a type of briefcase that have hard sides, latches and can easily be locked. These types of briefcases are thinner and are ideal for businessmen who like the minimalist’s approach to traveling. Attaché cases are ideal for a cleaner, lighter look and for trips where you don’t have to bring very many objects with you. An attaché case is also ideal if you’re in need of luggage that offers better security.


If you’ll be traveling for an extended period of time, then you’ll want designer luggage that you can carry on your back so that your hands are free. While backpacks might not be the most stylish luggage item, they’ll most certainly get the job done and are more comfortable. Something else to think about with backpacks is that they’ll give you more storage space than a briefcase. Backpacks are great for convenience, trips where you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing around or for casual trips. While backpacks are more comfortable, you’ll want to avoid wearing them with business suits and in situations where you’re trying to make a good first impression.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, there’s always a way to look good while in the airport, train station or on a boat. Arm yourself with good knowledge and equally good style.


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