Hidden Camera Reveals How Locals in Different Cities React to Tourists [VIDEO]

Even if you’re totally satisfied with your job and have many friends, nothing can satisfy the yearning to see and learn like travel can. Traveling to new lands opens your mind and takes awareness to new heights. Many travelers return home with a new appreciation for their surroundings while gaining a broader understanding of how the world works.

However, while travel can instill an immeasurable number of pleasant feelings and learnings, finding yourself in foreign lands can also bring on a sense of loneliness and alienation. Many travelers can relate to feeling different and not being “plugged in” to the unspoken rules and bonds that shape the society they’re visiting.

Each society differs in the way tourists are treated. In some places, the pace of life is just too hectic for locals to devote much attention to a lost stranger. Other places are more relaxed—with no looming deadlines or scheduled meetings to attend, the locals are more open to interacting with foreigners who are seen as an interesting opportunity to meet someone new.

A new hidden video experiment decides to put the locals of New York City, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Okinawa to the test. Can you guess how the locals in each city will react to stumbling foreigners approaching them with tourist-y questions in these videos?

1.Meet the locals:

2.Meet the locals Bar:

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