Gold Coast, Queensland.. All You Need To Know


When you visit a place like Gold Coast, which is renowned for its vibrant city life and an immensely growing population, has a lot to offer for people of all tastes – with its many hotels and Spa’s, you’ll certainly be able to have a comfortable stay.

But there’s more to the city than just fancy accommodation and beauty procedures – it has a perfect blend of being a tropical city near the sea and having enough activities to have anyone busy for a long time.

So whether you’re seeking a quiet place to relax, or want to get it on actively, there are plenty of great choices waiting for you.


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Firstly, the city is famous for its variety of extreme activities – with bungee jumping, water-skiing, bungee jumping, 4WD drives and many more action-packed activities at your disposal, you can be sure to have a great time, alone or with friends. There’s even a slingshot available right in the city – which will torpedo you in the air for a thrill of a lifetime!

But if you want something more relaxing, there are plenty of stunningly beautiful beaches near the Gold Coast area – you must visit places like the Coolangatta beach, Burleigh Heads Beach and Scrapper Rocks, which are all amazing if you want to just chill on the beach, take a swim or take in the sun.

There are plenty of natural wonders in the area as well, like the Natural Bridge, which is located in the Numinbah Valley, attracts many tourists because it’s one of the most impressive natural structures in the region.

Although it does take time to get to it, you can be sure it’ll be worth the trip; water flowing through a natural formation of a rock arch into a cave, where glow worms light it up to form an amazing sight.

And even though you can’t swim under the bridge anymore, you can still take guided tours to take a peek at the glowing worms.


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If you want to have fun in the city with your kinds, and especially if it’s a hot day, a great place to visit is the Rock Pools – it’s a terrific water playground that you can be sure the children will love – the coastal themed park is sure to keep them busy for hours!

There is a creek bed and various pool areas that simulate tides with the water filling up and emptying, squirting and rushing through specially designed fountains.

Gold Coast is also home to the largest Indoor Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in the entire Australia – the Timezone.

It’s also the largest such center in the world, with over 5000 square meters of all kinds of attractions and entertainment.


So if you and your kids want to enjoy a game of laser tag, ride bumper cars, play some mini golf or engage in many other fun activities, this is the place to go.

So if you ever find yourself in the Gold Coast, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the things it has to offer, of which there are many. Whether it’s nature you seek, or fun at the city, Gold Coast can give you the time of your life.

Hayley Woodward is a Melbourne based travel writer. When Halyley is not busy writing or researching her work, she enjoys traveling with Brisbane whale watching operator, Whales In Paradise!

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