The Perfect Places To Shoot Photos in France

france-normalWhether you’re a freelance photographer, a hobbyist, a photojournalist or just a traveling tourist, France is the perfect destination. There are more than five hundred tourist attractions featured in TripAdvisor which are waiting for you to be discovered and captured in frames. Making an itinerary of places to visit is the least of your problems. From the beautiful facades of the century-old art museums to the prestigious opera houses and churches, you’ll definitely find numerous subjects or inspiration for your photos. Even just heading to Paris is enough to fill a memory card, I can tell you from experience.

Iconic Locations

Paris alone has more than enough stunning locations to shoot in. From the iconic Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, to the less famous bridges like Pont des Arts, Pont Neuf and the cool metal structures of the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. There are years and years of locations for you to fill your Instagram feed, that is for sure.

If you are heading further afield, you might also want to check out such picturesque places as

  • Avignon
  • The Lavender fields of Provence
  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • Le phare du Petit Minou
  • L’Abbaye de Jumièges
  • Albi

Just to name a few.

Events In France

This year is an impeccable time for you to visit France because three of the most important events are happening:

  • the Festival de Cannes
  • the Paris Fashion Week Spring and Summer
  • the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Europe.

The Festival de Cannes will provide every event photographer a field day and an opportunity to capture exclusive stills of what’s happening from the red carpet to the main event. There will be hundreds of people who’ll attend the festivity to witness featured films that will be exhibited in the silver screen. Celebrities, directors and producers, even from Hollywood, are regulars of Festival de Cannes. With Paris being the ‘fashion capital,’ you’ll be taking snapshots of beautiful and skinny models walking on the runway while flashing the latest trends of designer clothes.

The World Series of Poker, an annual tournament for poker enthusiasts is also happening in Paris this year. After two consecutive years of success in Cannes, organizers decided to make Casino Barriere Enghein’les-Bains as the venue. This event is a highly anticipated event especially among the French because poker is quite huge in the country being its birthplace. Proof to this is the availability of online poker hubs like Partypoker. With Partypoker, you’ll have an opportunity to find not only a poker enthusiast but a photography buff as well. It’s always good to have company while travelling in a foreign land. Partypoker’s community and social section is very interactive where you can even make friends and chat with them online. You can schedule a photo workshop or mount a photo exhibit with the help of your online poker buddies. You’re lucky if you’ll land a French date who will give you a glimpse of what France is like from a non-tourist point of view.

What are you waiting for? Book a trip to France and explore the City of Lights. Take your DSLR camera with you and ride the L’Open bus for a day of circling Paris. From there you’ll pass by the famous Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the triangular-shaped exterior of Musee du Louvre. If ever you get tired, you can always go to the green parks of Jardin des Tuileries. You may also stop for a quick shopping at St. Laurent and dine at Café de Flore.

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