Cycling Trails Abound in Melbourne, Australia

Cycling is a great way to get exercise and simultaneously see the sights, and there is no better place to do so than Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is replete with wondrous cycling trails, perfect for cruising along and spying some great attractions on the way.

Road bikes are the perfect vehicle for high-speed cruising. While mountain bikes are suited to rough terrain, road bikes are perfect for smooth, flat surfaces, such as when riding on pavement. Road bikes are built to travel at speed, and therefore employ a narrower tire, as well as a lightweight frame that allows the rider to cruise along unencumbered. Road bikes come in a number of variations, some of which include:

  • Fixed-wheel bicycles, a low-weight bike suited to urban riding, thanks to their simplistic design.
  • Touring bicycles intended for use over lengthy trips.
  • Utility bicycles, which are commonly used as a mode of transportation in urban areas, intended as a means to run errands and go about daily routines.
  • Hybrid bicycles, which can be used on smooth pavement as well as rougher terrain.
  • Recumbent bicycles, featuring a design that allows riders to remain seated while in motion. These are great for riders needing a little extra support while on their journey.

There are many trails in Melbourne that are suited to the casual rider. While mountain biking trails are equally as plentiful, cycling trails offer riders the prospect of cruising along at speed, which can be appealing to many people who do not wish to traverse extreme terrains on their bike rides. Instead, cycling trails offer scenic views of Melbourne, while also allowing riders to participate in an exercise activity that is not as strenuous as others may be. And all of them have a bicycle backpack with them too!


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Melbourne is well known for its off-road cycling trails. The city offers a temperate climate, as well as bike-friendly culture, as illustrated by its many bike lanes. Melbourne has a storied history of cycling culture, stemming back to the 19th century when the primary mode of transportation for city dwellers happened to be bicycles. Now cycling is primarily a means of recreation, though some riders forgo vehicles in favor of bikes, for health reasons as well as environmental concerns. Melbourne is also the seat of Australia’s first bicycle-sharing program, which allows riders to utilize bicycles without the costs associated with purchasing their own.


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Melbourne is equally rich with cycling trails, which offer riders varying degrees of difficulty as well as lengths. Visitors to Melbourne are encouraged to take advantage of the many trails, accessible via road bikes, which can either be shared or purchased. Those living in Melbourne should seriously consider owning a bicycle, as it is a city extremely friendly to bikers, offering many scenic landscapes included with the plentiful amount of trails.


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There is no better way to get your heart pumping than cycling. This is a great, low-stress form of exercise that almost anyone can undertake. Melbourne entices riders with its numerous cycling trails, perfect for traversing with low-impact bikes. When in Melbourne, be sure to check out bike shares and the like. You will be pleased by both the bike-friendly atmosphere, as well as the beautiful scenery on display.

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