4 Adventures To Try In Singapore

Singapore has always been known for its squeaky clean image, economic strength, and disdain for latex-based treats. And it is certainly a place many expats love to go and live (and work) for a year or two.

But, what is less known is that the Southeast Asian city-state is also home to some of the most diverse adventure travel destinations. Read along to uncover several crazy adventures that you can try out on your next trip to Singapore.

Ride on Singapore’s Wheel of Fortune’

Of course, there is a lot to see on any multi-day visit to Singapore, but the Marina Bay is “the place to be” when it comes to epic Singapore scenery, nightlife, restaurants and other unique attractions.

The Singapore Flyer, located at Marina Bay, stands at 165 meters and is currently the world’s biggest observation wheel. The flyer has comfortable seating and can accommodate around 28 people. There are many capsules inside the flyer, and each capsule is UV-protected for the customer’s comfort.

A ride on this Flyer is like enjoying the thrill of a lifetime! The 35-40 minute ride on the Giant Singapore Flyer gives you a chance to witness some of the most amazing sights. Seeing the whole of Singapore from high above is an exhilarating experience and you can’t help but praise the Marina Bay area for the stunning sights. If the sky is clear, you can also have a view of the Indonesian islands.

Wet your feet 780 feet above the ground

After flying 165 meters above ground, how about a swim 55 floors above the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It is natural to feel a little nervous being in the pool as you’ll be eye-level with the city’s traffic helicopters. However, although the infinity pool may look like the world’s first suicide-friendly destination, it is quite safe: beyond the edge is a containment area that pumps falling water back into the main area.

More amazing facts about the pool: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel pool is 500 feet long (more than 1.5 football fields!), 780 feet above ground (more than 2.5 football fields!!), and sits atop the most expensive casino complex in the world, which at over $6.3 billion costs more than 6,300 football fields.

Shoot to Thrill
The last thing the photographer saw

If these dizzying heights don’t go too well with those of you who suffer from acrophobia, perhaps you will find more comfort standing behind a live shotgun. Consider visiting the shooting center on Old Choa Chu Kang Road in Singapore for an intriguing mix of idyllic and volatile fun. Visitors can take aim and fire at flying clay discs known as clay pigeons. Unravel the underlying thrum of excitement whilst you blast clay discs into smithereens. Safety shall always be a priority at this shooting center. If you’re itching to shoot at something, why not Singapore? All you need is a Singapore Visa and you’ll be on your way.

The Singapore GP

If you’ve been a speed junkie and a lover of car races, you need not even think twice before visiting the Lion City. The Singapore Grand Prix, held every September, is Formula One’s first night race. The practice sessions, final races, and A-list performances are all spectacular events you won’t want to miss.

There is indeed a lot of adventure awaiting you all in this lovely city. Everything in Singapore shall get the adrenaline rushing down your veins. Be it the scary rides in the Wild Wild Wet theme park, or a gastronomic adventure with delicious Singaporean cuisine, you can enjoy it all in Singapore. With a Singapore Holiday Pass in hand, you can even consider a trip to Malaysia to enjoy the Genting Skyway Cable Car. What more would you ask for when you enjoy adventure after adventure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!

Priyanka Iyer is a content writer associated with one-visa.com. She is an avid reader who likes to travel and study the work and business cultures of different places.

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  1. Sounds like fun, but isn’t there another Flyer somewhere thats bigger than the one in Singapore?I like the way these adventures have been described. Feel like visiting Singapore already.

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