vaschy vs herschel backpacks

Vaschy vs Herschel Backpacks – Which are better?

The timeless look of Herschel backpacks has made them popular worldwide. Inspired by mountaineering and old school hiking gear, their backpacks are as functional as they are stylish. The Herschel Supply Company was founded in 2009 by the Cormack brothers who named it after the town where three generations of their family were born and raised. Today, the company’s headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada. For function, Herschel adds all the little details that just seem to make like easier. For style, Herschel products have that nostalgic look for those who crave authenticity in a world that sometimes moves too fast.

The Vaschy Company produces comfortable and practical backpacks and accessories.  Its backpacks have features for comfort, durability, style, and function. Straps are padded and comfortable, and the fabrics are high-quality. The neutral appearance of Vaschy backpacks makes them suitable for men and women. Vaschy focuses on backpacks for a variety of purposes from school to work to travel and hiking.

The following Vaschy backpacks can be found that have features and styles similar to popular Herschel backpacks at a lower price. Who comes out on type in a direct comparison of  Herschel vs Vaschy? Let the reviews help you compare them before you decide.

Vaschy Classic vs Herschel Pop Quiz

Both the Vaschy Classic and Herschel Pop Quiz have the silhouette profile of a good old-fashioned school bag with a hanging hook at the top and unisex design. Similar in size, the Pop Quiz has a capacity of 22 liters while the Vaschy Classic holds 23 liters, so that’s one more liter of space. The dimensions are also similar, both being the same within an inch or less.

The Vaschy Classic and the Herschel Pop Quiz have shells made of highly-durable polyester, so both are at least water-resistant. The Pop Quiz has waterproof zipper detail. The Vaschy Classic has a reinforced, suede-like fabric bottom while the Pop Quiz has a leather bottom. Both backpacks have a signature label on the front bottom. Vaschy also adds its iconic diamond shape at the top.

In comparing comfort, the Vaschy features dual ergonomic padded and adjustable reinforced straps. Hershel does not emphasize any special padding or ventilation on the outside. However, the laptop sleeve is well-padded, fleece-lined and holds a 15-inch laptop. The interior has a striped signature fabric interior lining.

Both backpacks have interior organization. The Vaschy Classic’s main compartment has a double zipper closure and four interior zippered pockets with leather zipper pulls. The exterior has a zippered pocket, an anti-theft back pocket, and water bottles on both sides. A padded laptop sleeve holds a 15-inch laptop. The Pop Quiz has a roomy, lined main compartment and a front pocket with mesh organizers and a key clip. It also has a fleece-lined sunglasses compartment, an internal media pocket, and a headphone port. The Vaschy has a headphone port.

A Quick Comparison of the Vaschy Classic and Herschel Pop Quiz


  • Both backpacks have a classic school bag profile design with signature labels.
  • Both backpacks are made of water-resistant polyester.
  • With a difference of one liter in capacity and dimensions within an inch or less, both backpacks are relatively the same size.
  • The padded sleeves on both backpacks hold a 15-inch laptop.
  • Both backpacks have internal organizers.
  • Both backpacks have a headphone port.


The Pop Quiz has

    • a waterproof zipper detail
    • a leather bottom
    • a signature fabric lining
    • a fleece-lined laptop sleeve
    • a fleece-lined sunglasses compartment
    • an internal key clip
    • an internal media player

The Vacshy Classic has

    • a reinforced suede-like bottom
    • padded shoulder straps and backing
    • four interior zippered pockets with leather pulls
    • external water bottle pockets


While the Vaschy Classic has more padding for carrying comfort, neither backpack is designed with heavy-duty hiking in mind. For the difference in price, the Herschel Pop Quiz has a more authentic, nostalgic styling while the Vaschy Classic could be considered a “homage” to the Herschel Supply Company.

Vaschy Day Pack vs Herschel Little America

As nostalgic as the Pop Quiz is to vintage school days, so is the Herschel Little America reminiscent of mountaineering and hiking in a bygone century. Double verticle rows of faux leather straps and metal buckles give them an old school look while providing functionality and style. Both are available in a few different colors. The Vaschy Day Pack offers a camouflage pattern and the Little America has a floral design available.

Both backpacks are made of 100 percent polyester which is durable and water-resistant. The Little America has Herschel’s signature striped lining. Both backpacks have a drawstring closure access to the main compartment. Size-wise, the Day Pack has a capacity of 26.5 liters and the Little America is available in two volume sizes, 25 liters, and 17 liters. The Day Pack’s dimensions are 18 x 12.8 x 7 inches, and the Little America’s are closely the same at 19.25 x 11.25 x 7 inches. Both main compartments are spacious enough for textbooks, binders, and plenty of school supplies or your travel gear.

For internal organization, the Vaschy Day Pack has four pockets, one of which is a padded laptop sleeve that holds a 15.6-inch laptop. The Little America’s laptop sleeve is padded, fleece-lined, and elevated from the bottom to protect the laptop if the backpack gets dropped on the floor. The Little America has a well-designed front pocket hidden behind buckles with a keychain holder. A headphone hole leads to the inside phone pocket. The Vaschy has umbrella and water bottle holders on each side.

Both backpacks are comfortable to carry. The Vaschy Day Pack has ergonomic, dual padded, adjustable shoulder straps and fully padded back panels. The Little America has well-padded contoured shoulder straps and an air mesh back.

A Quick Comparison of the Vaschy Day Pack and the Herschel Little America


  • Both backpacks have a vintage mountaineer look
  • Both are constructed of durable, water-resistant polyester
  • Both are available in a few different colors
  • The dimensions of both backpacks are relatively the same
  • The laptop sleeves both fit around a 15.6-inch laptop
  • Both have drawstring openings to the main compartment
  • Both are comfortable to carry


The Vaschy has

  • more internal organizer pockets
  • water bottle holders on each side

The Little America has

  • a laptop sleeve that is fleece-lined and elevated from the bottom
  • a media pocket, keychain holder, and headphone port
  • a striped fabric lining


Although the Vaschy Day Pack has more internal organizers, the Herschel Little America makes up the difference with better laptop protection, a media pocket, and a headphone port. Both hold about the same amount of gear and are comfortable to carry. The Vaschy is available at approximately half the price, but the Little America has that look of authenticity Herschel is famous for.