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We appreciate people that are funny and like to travel, and we want you to write for us. Guest blogging is a great way to build an audience and to share your creativity and wit. If you want to submit an article about travel, we’ll be happy to feature it. The criteria is simple; it has to be written about a specific place and a specific adventure, and it has to be exclusive and unique (not syndicated) content. We also ask that you focus on the perspective of the reader, so we request that articles not be written in the first person.

So, if you think you have an interesting adventure to share, we’d like to hear out your article idea. But, if you don’t know what to write about or want to ensure your articles pass our review, just pick something from the list below:

  • Explore the Aokigahara Forest in Japan
  • Enjoy the Blue Lagoon Hot-springs in Iceland
  • Swim in the World’s Clearest Lake:¬†Flathead Lake, USA
  • Swim in the Cano Crystales: The Most Beautiful Lake in the World
  • Paddle in Whistler’s Annual Whitewater Rafting Rodeo
  • Take a Tour of the¬†Nevada National Security Site
  • Join a London ChessBoxing Tournament
  • Participate in the Mountain Folk Adventure Series
  • Spend a Night in the Finnish Lapland Igloo Village
  • Walk through Poland’s Crooked Forest
  • Meditate in Borneo’s Temple Cave
  • Rappel into the Majlis Al Jinn

*if you want to submit an article on a topic from the list above, please let us know before doing any writing. If we have 2 people working on the same topic simultaneously, we’ll have to select just one.*

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