Solicharger-SP Solar Charger

When away from his natural habitat of abundant wall outlets, nothing brings sweat to a man’s brow more than seeing the dreaded flashing red stripe at the right hand corner of his electronic device.

Restore justice to this chaotic way of life with the Solicharger-SP. The Solicharger-SP is the only solar-powered back-up battery system equipped to handle all your gadgets. It comes with a complete selection of adapters that can charge everything from your iPhone to your GPS to your mp3 players.

And while charging your gadget inside this little black case is cool enough, it also has the bonus feature of amplified stereo speakers. With the Solicharger-SP, you can listen to you favorite Justin Bieber song or right-wing radio podcast (did we cover all the demographics?) while your device is getting a nice little battery pampering on the inside.

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