BubbleTree See-through Bubble Tents

Do you have no need for privacy? Ever wanted to live like a hamster? Well then, this cool tent was made for you! The innovative tent-maker BubbleTree has a few options for the exhibitionist within you. Their line of tents range from those with only a clear ceiling to those with no opaque walls at all.

The concept is to combine luxury and nature. But, because your Fiat 500 just can’t fit the two chairs, table, queen size bed, lamps, full set of linen and a ton of other things that make life more comfortable, you are unlikely to take this tent on your next camping trip. On the other hand, you can think of this cool tent as an outdoor hotel and just book a stay through BubbleTree for a romantic getaway under the Milky Way.

Or, if you want to see a tent you can actually take with you, you can check out this cool tent.

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