Viganella’s Giant Artificial Sun


We are no longer nomads.  We don’t chase after buffalo or travel as the seasons change.  So what better way to commemorate humanity’s vast abilities and technological achievements than to settle in a place that gets virtually no sunlight, and built a giant mirror somewhere in the mountains to direct sunlight into the Valley of Gloom below?

At least that’s the reason we think that the citizens of Viganella, in Italy’s Alpine valley, spent 100,000 euros on an 8 x 5 meter polished sheet of steel. Thus reflecting sunlight from the mountains into their town square far below.

You remember that annoying kid in high-school that kept reflecting the sunlight off his watch into your eyes? Well our guess is: he settled there, so visit him if you decide to check Viganella out. Best time to go is sometime between late November to early February – that’s the 25% of the year when the town gets no natural sunlight at all, and you’ll be able to see the mirror in action.

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