La Geria Vineyards of Lanzarote, Spain


An average of just 16 days of rainfall per year and nothing but volcanic rock and sand are a couple of things that would usually deter a reasonable winemaker from attempting to make wine.  Luckily for us, the operators of the vineyards in the La Geria region of Lanzarote, Spain are not at all reasonable!  Instead of saying: ‘OK Mother Nature, you win!’, they came up with their own method of dry cultivation called enarenado.

The process requires single vines to be planted in pits 4-5 m wide and 2-3 m deep. These pits are designed to harvest rainfall and overnight dew, providing just enough moisture for healthy wine-yielding grapes. This agricultural technique is completely unique to the Lanzarote region, which is why you won’t see a vineyard that looks like the aftermath of a meteor attack anywhere else on earth.




la geria vineyards lanzarote spain


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