Glimpse Into Armageddon Hiking Hawaii’s Devastation Trail


The Devastation Trail at Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park owes its birth to the 1959 eruption of the Kilauea volcano.  Between Nov. 14 and Dec, 20, 1959 the volcano spewed hot, naughty lava all over the nearby lands. By the time the eruption was over, the lush rain forest that stretched across the area was completely devastated, with trees burnt to a crisp and cooling lava everywhere.

Today, the devastation Trail is a paved half-mile road that straddles the edge of the devastated lands.The trail is fairly easy to hike and can be completed round-trip in 45 minutes. The trail is free to hike so go see it before “life” manages to find a way to encroach on the pristine lifeless environment.

devastation trail from above

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