Terrifying Skywalk on the Face of Tianmen Mountain

Glass Skywalk of Tianmen Mountain

Want to see what the adrenaline-junkie-mountain-climbers see when they conquer some extremely dangerous rockface? Then you must check out the glass skywalk at the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the China’s Hunan Province. 4,700 feet (1,430 meters) above ground, the glass-floored-walkway hugs the side of Tianmen Mountain and welcomes anyone with a strong bladder and suppressed sense of self-preservation.  Try walking this 200-foot  (60 meter) long, 2.5-inch thick stretch yourself and put your beliefs about things “made in China” to the test.

P.S. You should probably do this walk after you try the Grand Canyon Skywalk, not before…





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