Eat Dirt at Ne Quittez Pas Restaurant

dirt risotto with sauteed sea bass

It’s somewhat sad to say, but in what is probably the most normal trend to come out of Japan in recent history, a French Restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward is now serving dirt as a main ingredient. The idea was born when former professional boxer turned chef, Toshio Tanabe, wanted to add more earthy flavors to his mostly-seafood menu; and what’s more earthy than earth? For those of you repulsed by the thought of eating dirt, relax, it’s not just any kind of dirt—it’s special black soil from the city of Kanuma.

So if you’re ever in Tokyo, stop by Ne quittez Pas restaurant, where, for about $110, you a can dine on a full course meal made up of dishes such as potato starch and dirt soup,  salad with dirt dressing,  dirt risotto,  dirt ice cream and refreshing dirt mint tea. (If you’re offered something call a Dirty Burrito, you’re in the wrong restaurant.)

dirt-gratin japanese restaurant

dirt ne quittez pas

dirt ice cream

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