Break Some Plates at The Venting Place

There are some drawbacks to being civilized.  The biggest one is that going ape-shit is a big no-no.  But, there are time when all you want, nay, need to do, is destroy some stuff in a fit of rage.  While other people shun away from that, and repeat “goosefraba” over and over to themselves, in Japan a well channeled outburst of destruction is seen as a therapeutic act.

Instead of smashing your neighbours’—or worse, your own things—you can now go to The Venting Place in Tokyo’s Akihabara district and wreck havock on the cups and plates that are available for your pleasure.  For a small price you can break some fragile stuff, leave a mess, and walk out with a giant grin and much needed energy to face your 4-month divorce procedure as it consummates in ultimate financial ruin.

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