See Colmar, France: The World’s Most Enchanted Town

Don’t go looking for singing Disney princesses in this place, but we won’t blame you if you do. This magical little town in Northeastern France looks like it popped straight out of a...

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Aokigahara forest

Explore Aokigahara: Japan’s Haunted Suicide Forest

So the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, heard of it? well, if you have then I’m sure you have considered it a holiday destination before but if not listen up because I have some...

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Are you bored and looking for new and exciting ways to stay entertained? Then we might just have the thing for you. It is so crazy and outrageous that it will quickly suck...

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China is a place of wonders and marvels, so you should expect everything and anything while traveling to this magical destination. With so many of the world’s records and such a deep and...

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A gift for the adventurer inside you, this exclusive Survival Knife could become your next best friend during your trips and hikes. Even if you are not Bear Grylls and you don’t plan...

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Glimpse Into Armageddon Hiking Hawaii’s Devastation Trail

The Devastation Trail at Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park owes its birth to the 1959 eruption of the Kilauea volcano.  Between Nov. 14 and Dec, 20, 1959 the volcano spewed hot, naughty lava all over the nearby...

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Swim in the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve in Texas

image credit Just 23 miles (37 km) west of Austin, Texas, there’s a hidden swimming hole. Well it was hidden prior to the ’60s, before automobiles became available to the common man, after...

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BoostTurbine 2000 eton 3

BoostTurbine 2000 – The Hand Powered Rechargeable Battery

image credit With ridiculously addictive games on your phone like Candy Crush draining power in a matter of minutes, you probably wish you had the old Nokia with its year-long battery life. But...

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Make Your Camera Waterproof with the OUTEX Camera Drysuit

Up there with watches, HD televisions, and my goddamn brand new iPhone, cameras are notoriously bad swimmers. Noticing this shortcoming, OUTEX creators Roberto Miglioli and JR deSouza created the world’s premier SLR camera waterproofing...

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Swim in Senegal’s Pink Lake Retba

We’ve written about pink lakes on TheAdvenTourist before, but there’s no reason Australia should get all the glory in pink-lakedness. Roughly 10km northeast of Senegal’s capital city of Dakar, lies the pink lake, Retba. As...

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hot tub boat

The Hot Tub Boat

image credit ‘Should we go for a swim first, or should we go straight for the Jacuzzi?’ – It’s always been a hard decision to make, but thanks to one rebellious soul unwilling...

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Drive a 1000-Pound Excavator at Dig This Las Vegas

Show dirt who’s boss by getting behind the wheel of a Caterpillar D5G Track-Type Bulldozer or Caterpillar 3I5CL Hydraulic Excavator at the Dig This heavy equipment playground. Located just outside the strip in Las Vegas,...

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Walk the Exclusive Zion National Park Subway

When we think subway, we think spending 45 minutes sandwiched between a possibly-homeless man and a screaming infant in 90-degree heat (that’s 32.2 Celsius for all the 6.5 billion readers of Earth who can’t...

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barrette alley smugglers belt hidden compartment 4

Hidden Compartment Travel Belt

image credit Finally clothing accessories tailored to support your paranoid tendencies! Barrett Alley created the Smuggler’s Belt, with a hidden inner pocket to protect your money from conniving pickpockets abroad, or your flash...

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Take Photos From The Sky With Your Own UAV Camera Drone

UK firm Lehmann Aviation’s mission to democratize “invasion of privacy” took a big step forward with the launch of their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) line. Now, even regular folks can spy on terrorists in Waziristan...

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Run Like a Hero in the Annual Hero Run

Dating advice is generally outside the scope of TheAdvenTourist, but we will make an exception this one time, so listen up fellas. Chicks dig superheroes. They also love kids. The Hero Run offers you...

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World’s First All-In-One Jacket, Tent, and Sleeping Bag from JakPak

With the arrival of the world’s first all-in-one jacket, tent and sleeping bag from JakPak, you can finally live out your dream of wandering the earth without having to lug around a full-sized tent. The...

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High Trestle Trail Bridge in Ankeny, Iowa

image credit Do you like wacky spirals and unexpected neon illumination? Well you can enjoy some if you head down to the High Trestle Trail Bridge in Ankeny, Iowa. The High Trestle Trail...

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Walk the 3500 Narrow Steps of Chand Baori

If M.C. Escher ever designed stepwells in India 1000 years before he was born, the Chand Baori was probably his design. Located in the village of Abhaneri near Jaipur in the Indian state of...

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flooded meadow Sameranger Lake Austria 2

Dive in the ‘Flooded Meadow’ in Sameranger Lake, Austria

image credit Welcome to the Flooded Meadow at Tyrol, Austria – a place that exists presumably, just so you can finally take advantage of that impulse-buy underwater camera of yours. Normally a park...

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Skydive in a Glass Flight Chamber in Prague, Czech Republic

Want to try skydiving but are afraid of parachute failure? Simple, go skydiving without a parachute! Note: unless you’re after a Darwin Award, this advice applies to indoor skydiving only, like at the...

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