Our Team

Nikita Goldovsky

Nikita Goldovsky is a man of many talents, namely writing self-descriptions and flower arrangement. At the age of 6 he cut a bee in half under a parked truck.

Likes: Books with red covers, soft cheeses
Dislikes: Dogs that try to talk
Arbitrary status: Platinum

Alex Shaikevich

Alex Shaikevich is well known in his community for his regular participation in bathroom-stall-‘forums’.  He likes to travel, but hates looking like a tourist, so when exploring a new city, he avoids moving his head around, and looking up at tall buildings.

Likes: Most things
Dislikes: Other things

Guest Writers

Alexandra Cutean

Current occupation: strategic communications & community manager at SmileMunDo.org; and P/T columnist at artsavenue.ca
Favorite food: Peas.
Favorite ideal: Peace.
Special talent: Extremely convincing alien voice impression.
Follow Alexandra Cutean at: www.artsavenue.ca
You should also check out her cool project to change the world: www.SmileMunDo.org

Irakli Tsaishvili

My name is Irakli Tsaishvili, but I have many nicknames. I also have a cat. Her name is Lizzy. All in all, life has been good to me. I can’t complain. I do complain sometimes though. Hey, I’m not perfect. I am generally a nice, sensitive, and compassionate guy, but I do have a dark side: I love argumentation and criticism, not in a sinister or spiteful way, though. I like to get to the bottom of things, then go a little deeper, then surface – otherwise I would drown. In short, I’m an open-minded fellow with a closed fist for bigotry. Freedom!