Are Legends Born or Made? Watch Dropped to Find Out

This post is sponsored by Heineken, but their campaign is genuinely awesome. See for yourself.

There’s an adventurer in all of us! That’s the message I took away from watching Clint, an open-hearted graphic designer from South Africa, parachute into Poland strapped to a clown. Bizarre? yes! Unconventional? Yes! Inspirational? Ummm…yeah!

If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, then you must check out the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel to see what happens when Mr. Brightside, Clint Jacobs, is uprooted from his home in Cape Town and dropped straight into adventure at Poland’s border with Germany. As the adventure-seekers in the Heineken® Dropped series discover, legends aren’t born, they’re made when unfamiliar grounds force them to discover their limits and conquer their fears.

In his episode, Clint, with nothing but the shirt on his back, has to use all his faculties to get to Berlin from Poland in time to put on a circus act with people he needs to recruit along the way. Does he make it? Watch the video below to find out.

The Dropped adventure series spans four episodes and four continents. Each episode offers a different adventure that is tailored towards the personality of the main protagonist. As each episode unfolds, you’ll watch to see how each traveller adapts to the spontaneous challenges they’re given.

There’s something incredibly inspiring about Heineken’s latest campaign. Even though Heineken will probably never send a camera crew to my house and force me to leave my self-created mundaneness, watching the series I still walk away with the realization that adventure is not a world away, but just around the corner – we just need to learn to lean into our discomforts.

Seriously, check out the video and let us know what you think.



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