Five Quick Tips for Autumn Travel


Autumn holidays aren’t just about finding child-free beaches or enjoying a spot of late warmth away from the bustling crowds of summer. They’re also a great way to get the same top holidays for less. Take a peek at these five tips for getting the most out of your autumnal travel, and head for the hills (or the sea, or the city!)…

Book late, save loads

If you’re able to travel on flexible dates, you can save yourself a pile of cash on even the swankiest hotel. There isn’t a hotel on earth that doesn’t prefer to sell its rooms for something rather than leave them empty and make nothing – and the same goes for late flights or ferry tickets too. If there are empty berths, and you can fit your plans with the opportunity, you could have the holiday of the year for much less than anyone else on board!

Avoid half term

In half term, or indeed on any school holiday period, the price of accommodation goes back up to summer levels. If you don’t have kids, you don’t have to pay top dollar for your accommodation – just avoid the break and wait until everything goes quiet again. You’ll get a more peaceful stay, there’ll be less traffic going to and from your destination of choice and you stand a much better chance of getting a table at the best restaurants in town.

Go sunny side up

Here’s the thing about hot destinations – in summer, they can be too hot. Who wants to spend their holiday fending off sunburn by skulking around indoors during the middle of the day? If you’re tempted by palm trees and desert sands, waiting for autumn can mean you get much more out of the experience. Be aware that some hot destinations may keep their high season prices going through the first stages of the cool-down period because of this.

Know your seasons

Just because it’s autumn at home, doesn’t mean everywhere else in the world is following suit. One of the biggest problems you’ll encounter with tropical destinations, for instance, is the rainy season – which hits different areas of the tropics at different times of year. Be absolutely sure that you know when your preferred destination is good to go, and when it’s likely to be half-drowned and too humid to breathe. If you have any doubts about accommodation prices being too good to be true, double check for predictable adverse weather – like hurricanes.

Think outside the package tour box

The world is full of wonderful places, and not all of them can be reached by going on package tours or staying in all inclusive resorts. Embrace a bit of DIY holidaying, and the planet becomes your oyster. From historic South African fishing villages to quaint Scottish retreats, the holiday of your dreams is often only a bit of online research away. Click here for more details, and start to build the trip you want rather than the one a tour operator says you have to have. You’ll be glad you spent the extra time looking for what you really wanted!

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